The Long Flight Home

Inspired by fascinating, true, yet little known events during World War II, The Long Flight Home is a testament to the power of courage in our darkest hours a moving, masterfully written story of love and sacrifice It is September 1940 a year into the war and as German bombs fall on Britain, fears

The Electric Hotel

From the New York Times bestselling author Dominic Smith, a radiant novel tracing the intertwined fates of a silent film director and his muse Dominic Smith s The Electric Hotel winds through the nascent days of cinema in Paris and Fort Lee, New Jersey America s first movie town and on the battlefie

This Storm

From one of the great American writers of our time Los Angeles Times Book Review a brilliant historical crime novel, a pulse pounding, as it happens narrative that unfolds in Los Angeles and Mexico in the wake in Pearl Harbor.New Year s Eve 1941, war has been declared and the Japanese internmen

The Targeter: My Life in the CIA, Hunting Terrorists and Challenging the White House

The story of a young woman from Montana who joined the CIA and worked her way up through the ranks to the frontline of the fight against Islamic extremists In 1999, 30 year old Nada Bakos moved from her lifelong home in Montana to Washington, DC, to join the CIA Quickly realizing her affinity for

Scholars of Mayhem: My Father's Secret War in Nazi-Occupied France

The astonishing untold story of the author s father, the lone American on a 4 person SOE commando team dropped behind German lines in France, whose epic feats of irregular warfare proved vital in keeping Nazi tanks away from Normandy after D Day.When Daniel Guiet was a child and his family moved cou

Resistance Women

From the New York Times bestselling author of Mrs Lincoln s Dressmaker, an enthralling historical saga that recreates the danger, romance, and sacrifice of an era and brings to life one courageous, passionate American Mildred Fish Harnack and her circle of women friends who waged a clandestine batt