Lieutenant Laahn ortez is about to sit down to his well deserved supper when destiny hits winged, scaled and than a little tipsy Rago is a fated mates forced proximity short story, featuring a puffing dragon shifter and a romp in the fencing hall.


Brute leads a lonely life in a world where magic is commonplace He is seven and a half feet of ugly, and of disreputable descent No one, including Brute, expects him to be than a laborer But heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and when he is maimed while rescuing a prince, Brute s life


A CinderFella Story Eldon Cinder would give anything to see Prince Xavier one last time, but only women are invited to the royal ball When the local witch offers to make Eldon female for just one night, he agrees One spell One night One dance What could possibly go wrong This story also