Hawthorn Hill

Hawthorn HillMary Forrester Did Not Want To Leave Hawthorn Hill But She No Longer Controlled Her Own Destiny Her Aunt, Who Hated Her, Was Sending Mary To The Levassoux Estate In France At The Height Of The Bloody Revolution.Now Mary Was In Constant Peril Not Only Was There The Threat Of The Terror But There Was Also A Very Real Menace That Lurked In The Chateau.There Was Only One Person She Could Trust Young Alain D Arturois, Whose Courage Had Already Saved Many Lives He Begged Her Not To Dig Up The Secrets Of The Dangerous Levassoux Family Yet Once Mary Began, She Could Not Stop Herself From Unmasking The Evil That Threatened Her Sanity And Her Life. For reasons that are too complicated to explain, seventeen year old Mary Forrester and her invalid father come into the care of her aunt in London The aunt lost Mary s father to her younger sister, and let s just say she the aunt is not too fond of her niece and wants her out of the way To that end, the aunt finds Mary a plum job as governess to some French comte with a fabulous ch teau in the French countryside Odd how it all comes about since Mary has never met the comte Odd that the frugal aunt spends a fortune on a new wardrobe for Mary, a wardrobe completely inappropriate for a governess Odd that the aunt tells Mary s father that she s taken a position in Scotland and not in France with the revolution in full swing The notion of anyone guaranteeing safety in France while a bloodstained Reign of Terror stalked that land was ludicrous Andwhen Mary does get to her new position, things just get curiouser and curiouser, but I d
I found this book among the many romance novels at the family cottage in NH If I had judged the book by the picture on the cover I would have thought it was just another romance novel and passed it by It showed a girl wearing a low cut dress standing in front of a man who has his arms protectively around her and a darker character who appears to be a villian off to the side and behind I decided to give it a chance and I am glad I did What I found inside was not the story I assumed I would find given the picture on the cover What I did find was an intriging story of a young English girl raised unconventially for the times by her widowed father Her life as she knows it falls apart, childhood home lost, family friends lost, the near death of her beloved father and a jealous and coniving aunt to deal with Then to top it off she is sent to France at the height of the French Revolution where she experiences danger, mystery, and yes, a story of love I

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  • Hardcover
  • 361 pages
  • Hawthorn Hill
  • Doris Shannon
  • 03 October 2018
  • 9780312364700