100 Voices

100 Voices An Extensive Collection Of Never Before Published Interviews Reflecting On Ayn Rand S Life And Character Drawing On 100 Never Before Published Interviews, Scott McConnell Presents A Unique Portrait Of A Larger Than Life Literary Giant And A Fascinating Individual, Ayn Rand Focusing On The Private Rand, McConnell Talked To The Author S Family, Friends, Fans, And Associates, As Well As Hollywood Stars, University Professors, Fiction Writers, And Many Arranged In Chronological Order, These Interviews Cover A Broad Range Of Years, Contexts, Relationships, And Observations On One Of The Most Influential And Controversial Figures Of The Twentieth Century From Ayn Rand S Youngest Sister To The Woman Who Inspired The Character Of Peter Keating In The Fountainhead, The Subjects Interviewed Offer Fresh, Sometimes Surprisingly Candid, Affectionate, And Intriguing Insights Into A Complex And Remarkable Writer, Philosopher, And Human Being. I know there is an official biography of Ayn Rand coming out soon, but this might end up being interesting It took me a long time to read it, which is strange because it was so compelling you d think I d pick it up night after night Maybe I was just stretching out the experience Of course, I enjoyed getting to know Ayn Rand better I d already read just about anything I could get my hands on about her with the exception of the Heller and Burns books , but there were a lot of new insights Because of the format, we see Miss Rand from many different perspectives Sometimes this brings out something new in her character she liked Chopin s Butterfly Etude best of all classicalreally , but often it shows how people with different premises evaluate the very same facts After a hopeful reunion, she dismissed her long lost sister as a lost cause Some find that vicious and cruel Others see it as fidelity to her values Some think she was indifferent, some think she was pained by it, and others think it was difficult, but not traumatizing I loved reading each person s take on these same circumstances.I also just enjoyed some of the characters Patrick O Connor, avowed Communist, comes to mind He was a hoot I loved how he defended her with the editors There were so many others just interesting people in their own right, whose stories were told
ILLUMINATING, INSIGHTFUL DELIGHTFUL The lady was a wowser Scott Stanley, page 153Despite the strangeness of interviews with her dentist and with her cats veterinarian, Scott McConnell s 100 Voices An Oral History of Ayn Rand, is a magnificent love letter to the memory of one of the loveliest ladies who ever lived I was especially pleased to read the interviews with Mickey Spillane, Robert Stack and Duane Eddy and the interview about her incredibly expensive lunch with James Clavell.Ayn Rand was one of those enormous personalities whose verve and vivacity would light up albeit sometimes enflame an entire auditorium an entire generation Even now, almost three decades after her death, her memory still excites the heart and mind of this, aging, fan and probably
Incredible I started this not thinking that I would enjoy it as much as I did You really get to know Ayn Rand as you never have before Back when this first came out, I just did a skim through for the most interesting interviews, and thought it was pretty good because there are several But when I went back and read it all the way through, I was seriously disappointed return return Most of the book is filled with material that you either might already know, or have no good reason to want to A lot of it is interviews with distant relatives or autograph seeking fans who only met Ayn Rand on perhaps one occasion, and repeat ad nauseum how invariably kind she was to children and strangers presumably included to soften her supposedly harsh image as spread by a couple of cranks, which is second handed and insulting to the reader s intelligence There s even an interview with her dentist, discussing her attitude toward visiting him she disliked it, but knew it was in her long range interest isn t that everyone s attitude toward visiting the dentist A lot of meaningless blather like that What was the purpose in including interviews of people whose sometimes vague recollections don t add much if an
While there is no narrative flow to this compilation, the series of recollections from Ayn Rand s closest friends, a bit from her family and extended kin, and even from those who had fleeting interactions with the celebrated author of The Fountainhead opens divergent and similar views on the headstrong la
This book is fascinating and informative Its flaws editing and organizational mistakes and faulty memories of interviewees obvious and otherwise It is absolutely required reading for any Rand fn. So many amazing interviews of so varied, different people who knew Ayn Rand in one way or the other It truly gives a different perspective of the woman who wrote Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead and The Virtue of Selfishness Excellent read Interesting interviews of Ayn Rand s relatives associates friends recommended for Ayn Rand fans who want to know every little thing about her. Great bio of Rand 100 interviews of people who knew her many unique perspectives of this fascinating and controversial figure.

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