Cuba: The Making of a Revolution

Cuba: The Making of a RevolutionProfessor Ruiz S Analysis Begins With Cuba S Historic Relationship With The United States, Examining The Effect Of The Sugar Industry And U.S Foreign Policy On Cuba S Economy, Social Structure, And Political Development He Shows How The Lack Of Cohesion In Cuban Society Affected The Courses Of Events, And Analyzes The Sources Of Cuban Nationalism And Anti Americanism Focusing On Issues Of Economic Development And Social Justice In Cuban History, He Traces Cuba S Revolutionary Tradition And Leaders, From The Struggle For Independence From Spain In The 1890 S, Through The Revolution Led By Jos Marti In 1933, Up To Fidel Castro He Takes Up The Question Why And When Castro Turned To Communism, And Discusses The Ideology Of The Revolution In The Perspective Of The History Of Socialist Ideas In Cuba.By Placing The Events Of 1959 In The Context Of Cuban History, Cuba The Making Of A Revolution Meets The Need For An Authoritative Analysis Of The Background Of The Revolution, And Sheds New Light On Its Causes And Outcome. Cuba the Making of a Revolution by Ramon Eduardo Ruiz was nothing like what I expected I thought I would get a concise history of Fidel Castro s 1959 revolution instead, I got the context that led to the revolution, and that context revealed something to me that was totally unexpected the supreme idiocy of US Foreign Policy As far back as the late 1880s the US was busy doing what they do so well today, enslaving other countries economies to their own, manipulating those countries politics, keeping those countries poor and dependent and generally sewing anti Americanism everywhere they went I had a sense that they have always done this, but I had know idea how little the methods have changed The immense naivete of US thinkers is staggering The US made the revolution of 1959 They are responsible for communism in their own hemisphe
Hmm Well the author does provide some insight i have not seen before But the bottom line seems to be that it s all our fault It s the U.S s intrusion on others affairs, contradicting the strong Cuban nationalism, that was the impetus While I do believe the U.S intrudes, I don t know that it is such a major factor in what occurred in Cuba There were numerous
Mr Ruiz clearly states that the Cuban Communistic Revolution against Diaz was inevitable The roots for revolution are found in the people s fight against the island s identity as a plantation style world It is hateful and unnatural for people to live as such Unfortunately, the current C
An o.k overview of the events leading up to the 1959 revolution, especially if you find this book at the Friends of The Seattle Public Library Used Book Sale April 11 13 for 50 cents. A nice book that traces the roots of Castro s revolution and the relationship between Cuba and the united States over the years.

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