Understanding the Golf Swing

Understanding the Golf Swing Understanding The Golf Swing Will Show You A Different, Simpler Approach To The Golf Swing Manuel De La Torre, Twice Named By Golf Magazine As One Of The Top 100 Golf Instructors In America Is The Leading Modern Day Proponent Of Ernest Jones Swing Principles Method Of Golf Instruction The Jones And De La Torre Concept Is Quite Simple If The Club Is Used Properly, The Body Movements Take Care Of Themselves This Simple Statement Has The Power To Bring Abut Profound Improvements In Your Game While Presenting A Simpler Approach To The Golf Swing, The Book Is Also A Comprehensive Resource For All Levels Of Golfer, From The Beginner To The Professional It Includes The Most Thorough Analysis Of Ball Flights Found In Any Golf Instructional Book Detailed Discussion Of Special Shot Play, Including Sand Play, Pitching, Chipping, Putting, And Playing Unusual Shots Coverage Of The Mental Site Of Golf, Effective Course Management, And A Formula For Taking Your Best Practice Tee Shots To The Golf Course.