Selu Introduces The Traditional Life Giving Story Of The Corn Mother, Called Selu By The Cherokee. 3.5 stars The book has some fabulous nuggets of wisdom, but the poor editing drove me nuts I understand that the author was trying to relate stories in a Native American style, and her voice in those sections is beautiful But the overall organization of the book is sloppy, chaotic and repetitious I suspect the book s editor tried to convince the author of this as demonstrated by the fax addition at the beginning of the book, but that didn t even begin to fix
The first 100 pages blew me away I was caught up into the enduring wisdom of a people who are both ancient and contemporary, brought to tears by serious problems that cripple our culture, stirred to go back and reweave, to heal, to search for earnest remedy.I m sorry to say that at some point after those first 100 pages, the book slo
i admit first off that the writing in this is probably not 5 star worthy by some rubrics i cannot say, though, how incredibly happy i am to have read this in so many ways this book made me feel that i am on th
This was fascinating but poorly organized The poems and stories and accompanying explanations flowed unbroken in a way that made it terrible for reading in short increments I was expecting a collection of myths, but this was not that. This book is excellent It is a compilation of native american stories of the corn mother I had the pleasure of meeting Marilou Awiakta at the University of Dayton during a native american summit and she is very charming and generous She writes books for all ages. This was interesting I didn t read the whole thing but liked the parts that I read. This book has a MASSIVE amount of extra information The only reason this book is two stars for me is it has some awesome points about how men and women should function in society. Marilou Awiakta s poetry is challenging and original She is a Cherokee woman from Oak Ridge Her parents were nuclear scientists. Finally, a discussion of Selu from a Cherokee perspective This is a great work, something that I was so happy to accidentally stumble upon I m surprised that it had not been mentioned in any of my American Indian Studies courses Well written, captivating, and something th
I forced myself to read Selu Seeking the Corn Mother s Wisdom by Marilou Awiakta because I had to read it for a class I understand different cultures tell stories differently also and I wanted to respect that I found this book confusing, bo

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