Straight from the Heart

Straight from the Heart Manga Is The Backbone Of Japanese Popular Culture, Influencing Everything From Television, Movies, And Video Games To Novels, Art, And Theater Sh Jo Manga Girls Comics Has Been Seminal To The Genre As A Whole And Especially Formative For Japanese Girls Culture Throughout The Postwar Era In Straight From The Heart, Jennifer Prough Examines The Sh Jo Manga Industry As A Site Of Cultural Storytelling, Illuminating The Ways That Issues Of Mass Media, Gender, Production, And Consumption Are Involved In The Process Of Creating Sh Jo Manga.With Their Glittery Pastel Covers And Focus On Human Relationships And Romance, Sh Jo Manga Are Thoroughly Marked By Gender As Indeed Are Almost All Manga Titles, Magazines, And Publishing Divisions Drawing On Two Years Of Fieldwork On The Production Of Sh Jo Manga, Prough Analyzes Sh Jo Manga Texts And Their Magazine Contexts To Explain Their Distinctive Appeal, Probe The Gendered Dynamics Inherent In Their Creation, And Demonstrate The Feedback System That Links Producers And Consumers In A Continuous Cycle Of Affective Labor Each Chapter Focuses On One Facet Of Sh Jo Manga Production Stories, Format, Personnel, Industry Dynamics , Providing Engaging Insights Into This Popular Medium Tacking Between Story Development, Interactive Magazine Features, And Relationships Between Male Editors And Female Artists, Prough Examines The Concrete Ways In Which Shojo Manga Reflect, Refract, And Fabricate Constructions Of Gender, Consumption, And Intimacy Straight From The Heart Thus Weaves Together Issues Of Production And Consumption, Human Relations, And Gender To Explain The Unique World Of Shojo Manga And To Interpret Its Dramatic Cultural And Economic Success On A National And Increasingly Global Scale. A disappointingly shallow introduction to the shojo manga industry, focusing on one publisher, with a slightlyin depth look at one title, Gals Most of the book consists of an explanation of how shojo manga artists get into the business in Japan and work with their editors Unfortunately, the author apparently wasn t allowed much on one on access to the artists
Detailed ethnography of shojo magazine production in Japan Very big on the publishing houses, not much contact with the mangaka and none unmediated editors always present Priceless I do wonder about some of the class differences between mangaka and editors she talks about age gender in terms of status, but all the editors seem to be college graduates whereas the mangaka see
Scholarly and very interesting study of the shojo manga publishing industry I learned a lot of things I did not know about the role of manga magazines in the Japanese publishing market, the way new artists are recruited and developed, and the gendered nature of the kids manga world shojo vs shonen. a decent and not too overbearing commentary on how gender is portrayed in the shoujo genre of manga, would recommend to anyone interested in gender theory within the animanga context

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  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Straight from the Heart
  • Jennifer S. Prough
  • English
  • 02 August 2017
  • 082483528X