Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths Pat S Devoted His Life To Locating The Wreck Of The Pelican S Flight The Merchant Pirate Ship Sank In 1692, Along With Forty Others, When Half The Infamous Town Of Port Royal Slid Into The Caribbean However, No Excavation Of The Site Has Ever Turned Up The Remains Of The Pelican.Pat Has His Own Theory About Where The Pelican May Lie What He Doesn T Have Is A Financial Backer To Fund His Treasure Hunt Until The Utterly Baffling But Equally Delectable Jamie Keene Makes Him An Offer He Can T Refuse.Jamie Lost Than His Lover When The Pelican Went Down Betrayed By The Man He Trusted, He Lost His Family Treasure, Along With His Mortal Life Pat Offers Him Hope At Finding His Ship And Restoring His Honor As Well A Chance At Rediscovering Love But How Can Jamie Trust A Descendant Of The Man Who Betrayed Him Will The Secrets They Share Bring Them Together Or Tear Them Apart