Canadian Meds

Canadian Meds Canadian Meds Is A Fastpaced Novel That Highlights The World Of Selling Prescription Meds Over The Internet Selling Web Based Meds, Particularly By Canadian Companies, Has Exploded Over The Last Few Years With The Rise Of Boomers Taking Medications As Well As Costly Prescription Drug Prices In The United States.The Story Follows Bill Callahan, A Former US Corporate Type Who Becomes An Internet Drug Selling Czar At A Company He Establishes In Edmonton Called Tundra RX The Company Turns Out To Be Wildly Profitable For Callahan Who Substitutes Fake Pills For Real Ones The Business Takes Off With Aggressive Marketing And Sales Tactics Along The Way, Callahan Has Help In Building The Business From The Chief Medical Officer At The Company, Dr Rakesh Gupta Gupta Has His Own Demons Which Include A Budding Pill Addiction That He Satisfies By Sampling The Company Inventory And Another Is His Love Of Russian Prostitutes In Montreal The Company S Business Grows Exponentially As Do Customer Complaints As The Buying Public Mysteriously Gets Unwanted And Unexpected Reactions To The Watered Down Drugs The Complaints Snowball Until The Whole Operation Begins To Unravel.Full Of Intrigue And Colorful Characters, Canadian Meds Is A Farcical Portrayal Of The World Of Online Prescription Drug Sales It S A Fractured Financal Fairy Tale Where The Bad Guys Get Away With Everything Except Murder And Where They End Up Running To South America To Escape The Canadian Mounties It S A Prescription For Fun And A Page Turner On How Meds Are Sold Over The Internet. I really thought Canadian Meds by John Moynihan would get better I read the whole thing It didn t The premise is good The CEO and CMO of an internet drug company based in Canada cook up a plan to sell fake pills in the place of the real thing in order to pad their pockets and get rich The book might have been good in the hands of a better author As it is, it is pretty terrible.First, the language It is completely unnecessary I don t mind when books have an occasional swear word here and there It seemed like a lot of the cussing in this one was for shock value Second, the incredible amount of sex Again, nearly all of it is completely unnecessary Some is needed since one of the fake drugs is Erecta for erectile dysfunction The euphemisms and descriptions, though, were all ridiculous Third, the characters They are all flat and you just don t care about them The dialogue sounds like someone talking to themselves None of the characters had their own voice Fourth, the womanizing Pretty much every man in the book is getting old at 50 , out of shape, etc Every woman is gorgeous Every man apparently wants nothing t
Not as stimulating as it could have been.I came to this book with promise of an interesting story and I wasn t disappointed Admittedly there were some formatting errors on 2 3 pages, but overall it didn t spoil the story for me.Basically this is a typical story of success developing into greed and the consequences of those choices The story is well written, but I was irritated by the authors over use of descriptions of every person again and again and again Good writing doesn t need this level of over description In many ways less is , less description stimulates the imagination.I disagree with the story running out of steam as stated by one of the other reviewers The conclusion was the logical outcome of his actions The main character would always have performed the actions he did In this respect
You d expect a lot of sex in a book about a drug called Erecta , but it got to the point where it did seem a bit gratuitous and pointless That combined with the characters with no redeeming features although apparently quite physically attractive and the story which did
This was a perfect beach read you did not have to really use your brain you knew where it was going It was scary to think that this probably happens that was the only cause of tension for me Nice plot idea, but the prose style is naive, or juvenile, and the characters unconvincing

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  • Paperback
  • 238 pages
  • Canadian Meds
  • John Moynihan
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9781441557476