Amadi and the Phoenix [Excerpt]

Amadi and the Phoenix [Excerpt] Amadi Is Determined To Find Out Who Betrayed Her Mentor, And The Only Way Seems To Be By Entering The Guild Of Thieves When She Is Asked To Steal The Magician S Phoenix As An Entrance Exam, It Seems That Someone Is Out To Kill Her Since No One Has Ever Returned Alive. Short story with action and character development I got this book free on my Nook and decided to give it a go Entertaining but I would have like a continuation of what happened next Favorite quote One of us is the Lyingbird, one is the Fir
This is the short story that turned into the seed for the three book mini series Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn years later It is no longer available.Since I, the author, learned a lot during the germination , style and character
I like this book The beginning of the first chapter was a bit off and I almost set it aside but by the end of it I was hooked and when I finished the story, I was looking for a sequel It was well worth my time, Im glad I stuck with it. This is a lovely short story reminiscent of persian or arabian fairy tales