A Corner of the Universe

A Corner of the UniverseAnn Martin S Phenomenal Newbery Honor Book, Now In Paperback.The Summer Hattie Turns 12, Her Predictable Small Town Life Is Turned On End When Her Uncle Adam Returns Home For The First Time In Over 10 Years Hattie Has Never Met Him, Never Known About Him He S Been Institutionalized His Condition Involves Schizophrenia And Autism.Hattie, A Shy Girl Who Prefers The Company Of Adults, Takes Immediately To Her Excitable Uncle, Even When The Rest Of The Family Her Parents And Grandparents Have Trouble Dealing With His Intense Way Of Seeing The World And Adam, Too, Sees That Hattie Is Special, That Her Quiet, Shy Ways Are Not A Disability,. I saw that one of my friends read this book, so I decided to check it out I love Ann M Martin, she is one of my favorite authors, so before I even started reading this, I knew I would like it It s heartwarming and an amazing story.This eleven year old girl soon to be twelve named Hattie lives in a boardinghouse with her family She wakes up early, does her chores, and then reads or does whatever else she feels like doing Up until the day she realizes she has an uncle Adam, that she never knew about He randomly comes into her life, but she becomes best friends with him.Adam has a mental problem, but it s not as obvious as some people would think it was He was always smiling and happy and a loud, fun, outgoing human being He was twenty one years old, but had a children s heart Hattie helps him a lot and is a better friend to him than anyone Adam constantly quotes I Love Lucy and most people don t catch on to
Hattie Owen is a shy girl who lives in a quiet town where everyone knows everyone else s business There is only one piece of business that she is left out of the loop on until this summer, the fact that she has an uncle and that uncle is mentally challenged This story is about how Hattie grows to know and love her uncle, even with all of his flaws which is something that seems to
Nostalgic, far out and utterly disturbing, Ann Martin takes a step away from the sunny mood of The Babysitter s Club and gives a story filled with creativity, sadness and growing up in a time when mental illnesses were stigmatized heavily by the world It was well written, vibra
Ann M Martin has written, to my knowledge, three books now involving autistic characters a stand alone novel in the 80s, that BSC book, and now this one.I like to be complete, so I thought I d check this one out and compare it against my memories of the others This review WILL contain spoilers, I m sorry, because there are a few issues I have with the book at the end.First, you should note that Adam s characterization clearly reflects increased knowledge of autism This is as it should be the other two books are painfully outdated but it wouldn t be fair to judge her for writing a book in the 80s that uses the knowledge we had in the 80s Adam is never officially diagnosed, but it s fairly clear from the speculation some thought it was autism, some thought it was schizophrenia and a few specific details of Adam s behavior he engages in scripted speech, he has the savant skill of calendar counting, he is totally lacking in the social awareness that says do NOT stare at women s chests that he s intended to be on the spectrum.How accurate is this depiction I don t know I have a hard time believing that you COULD memorize many much less all full episodes of I Love Lucy in the days before VCRs, but then, I didn t live in the 60s The calendar counting did annoy me Most a
This book was well written The story takes place in a time period that I could relate to the 1960s and I had an understanding of some of the things it mentions, such watching home movies on an old reel to reel projector Even so, I never really got into the story The first three chapters seemed to emphasize how boring and predictable life was for the shy young girl who is the main character In fact, after making it through the first three chapters, I had to re read the jacket cover description to remind myself that something really would be happening, and to encourage myself to keep reading It wasn t until the fourth chapter that a plot was introduced The young girl who is the main character is also the narrator, and there are times when she switches from past tense to present tense in her narration, which was not comfortable for me as a reader I never really de
This book is about a girl named Hattie who lives in a boarding house with her parents where she has the opportunity to meet many interesting people On one particularly special summer, she finds out about her uncle that she never knew she had She realizes that the reason no one talked about him was because he is mentally handicapped The story talks about Hattie s summer with her uncle Adam and how she grows to love him very much She has many difficult experiences as she struggles with the fact that everyone does not treat Adam the same as everyone else She doesn t understand why other people, including her family, can t love Adam just the way he is This book deals with many difficult issues including mental handicaps and death However, I think the author did a good job of handling these issues to create a story that will take you on an
I was so excited when I started reading this book I loved finding a strong female character to encourage my daughter and other girls her age 5th grade at the time Hattie s struggle to be herself while also yearning to fit in is such a classic and important issue for pre teen girls, and finding it shared in a touching and beautifully written way was wonderful to see When Adam came along, I enjoyed seeing how the family dealt with him and felt it added depth to the book I felt that Adam s mental issues and the subsequent family reactions to him were handled honestly and accurately However, when Adam commits suicide even though I felt it was a wonderful addition to the plot as a reader as a mother and teacher I questioned who I could share this book with I know I m not ready to share this with my fifth grade daugther, and I m not sure what youth audience to reco
As apart of UMHB s READ3307, I read A Corner of the Universe by Ann Martin This book honestly portrays the life of Hattie, an eleven year old girl who has recently discovered that she has an uncle, Adam, who has mental disabilities Since it is written in 1st person, the reader gets the story from a child s point of view and can better understand what it is like for Hattie
How to describe this book Heart warming, realistic comfort read I grabbed it because I ve been in a middle grade phase and I used to read Ann M Martin s Babysitters Club series as a girl The main character Hattie is so sweet and I enjoyed reading her discovery of he
This was a very thought prvoking, heart felt story that bored me to tears But, I enjoyed it thoroughly when poking fun at the cheesy plot, flaky characters, and horrible acting All I can say is HO HO HO

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • A Corner of the Universe
  • Ann M. Martin
  • English
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9780439388818