Symphony Of C Volume II

Symphony Of C Volume II Cara S Journey Into The Freedom Of Her Ultimate Surrender Continues Passion Turmoil Beauty Anguish Ecstasy Emotions Raw And Exposed While Listening To Beethoven S Fifth Symphony, A Young Woman S Memories Swirl In Time With The Music Following The Ebbs And Flows Of Longing Warring With Jubilation, Cara Relives The Fury Of The Battle Between Her Intrinsic Nature And The Teachings Of Modern Society In Her Quest To Fulfill Her Yearning To Yield Control To Another Trained By The Mysteriously Exclusive Ranks Of High Protocol Dominants, She Endeavours To Be Molded Into A Gracefully Captivated Being Will Her Journey Through Intense Bliss And Wrenching Turmoil In Order To Fulfill Her Need To Obey Destroy Or Lead To Unparalleled Freedom