Commonplace (Hesperus Classics)

Commonplace (Hesperus Classics)This Is A Delightful Novella Of Love, Matrimony, And Sisterhood Firmly In The Tradition Of Jane Austen, And Displaying All The Imaginative Flair And Linguistic Prowess That Distinguish Christina Rossetti S Best Loved Verse When William Charlmont Is Lost At Sea, His Devoted Wife Lies Dying In Childbirth And Charges Catherine, Their Eldest Daughter, To Await His Return Years Later, And Now In Her Thirties, Catherine Remains Faithful To Her Promise, Resigning Herself To A Life Of Spinsterhood Her Two Sisters, However, Are Under No Such Obligation, And While Lucy Loves And Loses From Afar, The Carefree Jane Resolves To Make A Prosperous Marriage And Become A Lady Of Fortune Commonplace Is A Charmingly Witty Tale Of The Tortuous Path A Girl Must Take To Secure A Suitable Match One Of The Most Important Of The Victorian Women Poets, And A Member Of The Pre Raphaelite Movement, Christina Rossetti Is Best Known As The Author Of Goblin Market And Other Poems. I came upon this volume in the library with some mild excitement, firstly it was very slim, secondly although I recognised Rossetti by name and and knew she was a poet, I did not know that she had ever written prose, so I succumbed to curiosity since I was not killed, this establishes that I am not a cat Well, how can I put this, these stories are no lost or unjustly neglected treasures, rather mid Victorian pieces or less religious, with the odd splash of something else, like a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.The stories in this collection are Commonplacea tale of money and marriage or sex and shillings a story of three sisters, the ending the best point I don t mean that in the sense of good riddance but the atmosphere around the eldest sister defines and concentrates resignation in an impressive way Inescapable conclusion is that the author knew that feeling.I notedthe geography, the sisters live out in a remote place, London as exchange point where one can meet people particularly potential husbands.pretensions and pretenceeating mutton is good for the complexion of women of about the age of thirty view spoiler dare I guess it was a favourite of Rossetti s hide spoiler Three stars is perhaps a little over generous, but 2 looked a bit mean This book is one novella, plus four short stories, something which I didn t realise when I chose it in the library, I thought it was one novella So, that was a little disappointment, I think it s disingenuous marketing on the cover,blurb etc.There s nothing hugely wrong with the very short novella, or the short stories, but none of them made me go wow They re mainly what I would call vignettes of life little snap shots, but often with little depth of character or some sort of twist denouement at the end. I m on page 44 of the volume Commonplace and Other Stories I like the texture of the story Commonplace It reminds me of Jane Austen, but this narrator s relation to the reader feels casual, less formal As a long time enthusiast for Goblin Market, I am hoping to learn about Christina Rossetti s view of her own world and its inhabitants Commonplace seems to have just a hint of Goblin Market s magical environment, with its two mysterious sisters who live in a special world all their own So far I am enjoying it very much. Mixed bag I enjoyed Commonplace, even though it doesn t have much tension you could see a lot of Austen s influence, and the prose was really biting and clever The Lost Titian was a big departure, and reminded me oddly of The Cask of Amontillado, but I kind of enjoyed it The last three stories, though, got progressively cloying and sanctimonious, and overall I think the book as a whole is a letdown after the first story Still interesting to read Rossetti, as I had only read Goblin Market before this. What are going to stay with me from this collection of short pieces are a few astute observations, some nice turns of phrase, and the emotional impact of Vanna s Twins Otherwise, the construction of the stories themselves felt quite weak, and it was too overtly religious for my taste It turns out I am a much bigger fan of Christina Rossetti s poetry than her prose. I really enjoyed this novelette and collection of short stories I ve only ever read her poem Goblin Market so far, so this work was quite different, focusing on themes on religiosity and love but I really enjoyed it A very nice collection. Here my impressions Not really my sort of thing The first novella is quite enjoyable but I wasn t keen on the very religious tone of some of the short stories. Ingen recension. so Damn boring Ugh.

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