A Beginners Guide to Buying and Racing Radio Control (RC) Cars

A Beginners Guide to Buying and Racing Radio Control (RC) Cars Are You Looking For All The Thrills Of Real Race Car Driving, All In One Less Expensive But No Less Competitive Format RC Cars Have Become An Immensely Popular Hobby Shared By Thousands And Thousands Of Enthusiasts Worldwide.While The Word On The Street Is That Racing RC Cars Is An Expensive Hobby, I Ll Show You How To Get Started For Less Than You D Think With Any Number Of RC Vehicles.RC Cars, Trucks, Monster Trucks, Helicopters, Boats, Airplanes They Re All Covered Inside A Beginner S Guide To Buying And Racing Radio Control RC Cars Because Not All RC Cars Are Created Equal, And Some Are Suited For Beginners, It S Important That You Get The Right Information From The Get Go Before You Start Spending Your Money On Difficult Models That Will Just Discourage You.Even If You Don T Know One Thing About RC Cars, I Ll Take You From Complete Beginner To A Registered RC Car Racer.In This Book I Ll Let You In On All The Need To Know Information About RC Cars You Can T Do Without From How To Pick Your First Car To How To Sign Up For Your First Race.here Is Just SOME Of The Information You Will Find Inside 4 Main Parts No RC Car Can Do Without Including The Heart Of The Car Pages 5 6 The Difference Between Radio Controlled And Remote Controlled Cars Page 6 How Long You Can Expect Your Battery To Last And How To Deal With Long Recharge Times Page 9 Save Your Electric Car From Unnecessary Wear And Tear By Doing This Page 10 4 Features That Separate The Nitro RC Car From The Rest Page 12 The Only Fuel You Should Put Into Your Nitro RC Car And Where To Get It Pages 13 14 How To Know If You Re Better Off With A 2 Stroke Or 4 Stroke Engine Pages 15 17 How To Extend The Life Of Your Car S Most Expensive Part Page 17 4 Must Do Maintenance Tips For Your RC Car Page 17 18 7 Things You Need To Have Before You Start Building Your Own RC Car Page 21 23 6 Different Types Of RC Cars To Consider Pages 25 26 How Much Should You Expect To Pay For An RC Car Page 30 6 Rules To Follow At Your First Race Pages 31 33 How Long Time RC Car Racers Pick The Perfect Terrain Page 34 What RC Car Racers Do On Race Day Before They Race Page 51 A Quick Run Through Of What To Expect At Your First Race, Including How Each Heat Is Run Pages 51 52 How To Evaluate A New Track Before You Ever Let Your RC Car Fly Pages 52 55 When To Attempt A Pass And When To Stay Put Pages 55 56 Once You Get Your RC Car And Race It Around A Few Times, You Re Going To Want To Race Faster The Perfect Solution Is ROAR A North American Sanctioning Body Of RC Car Racing I Ll Introduce To You Learn The Official Rules And What To Expect From Your First Race So You Ll Be Ready To Go.My Guide Makes Sure To Let You Know Which Cars Are Best For Beginners But It Doesn T Hide From You The Fact That There Are Whole Separate Styles Of Cars That Are VERY Popular And Very Exciting.Which Type Of RC Cars You Get Into Is Up To You, But Read The Pros And Cons Of Each Before You Dive In And Then Decide If The Extra Maintenance All Described In My Report Sounds Worth It To You.My Guide Is The Perfect Introductory To The World Of RC Cars That S Because I Know That My Report Is Perfect For The Beginner And Can Keep You From Getting Over Your Head Or Ruining Your Car Grab Yourself A Copy Of A Beginner S Guide To Buying And Racing Radio Controlled RC Cars Right Now P.S Do You Want To Start A New Exciting Life In RC Car Racing My Guide Is The Perfect Introductory For The Beginning Enthusiast Don T Go Into The RC Car Arena Without Reading My Guide First