Laws Of Time

Laws Of Time Sean Harrison S Life Long Ambition Is To Travel In Time Upon Reaching His Fifties, The Powerful CEO Of Tace Technologies Realizes That His Time Is Short And That A Scientific Breakthrough Leading To Time Travel Capabilities May Not Happen In His Lifetime Along With His Beloved Wife Stacey, He Embarks On A Cryogenic Journey To The Future In The Hopes That By Freezing Himself Into Hibernation, That It Will Be Possible To Skip Through Time Until A Point In The Future Where The True Technology Exists To Travel In Time Forwards And Backwards The Harrisons Soon Run Into Many Issues With The Laws Of Time, Both Political And Scientific When Sean S Plans Are Leaked To The World, Every Country Scrambles To Find The Answer To The Time Travel Problem It Becomes A Race Against Time To Control Time Itself. This book raised some interesting questions view spoiler including the use of cryogenics as a means of halting the progression of time while others worked on the development of time travel hide spoiler This book is pedantic and boring.Right now I m about 26% into the book It has been a hard slog to get this far and I ll probably put it in the Sleeping Aids folder to continue reading when melatonin just won t work.The Harrison family is just perfect Brilliant son and model as in fashion model daughter couldn t be the other way around, no that wouldn t be a cliche Everything is swell, except daddy wants to get himself frozen until time travel is achieved or 25 years have passed, whichever comes first Mommy can t bear to be apart from daddy, so she jumps into the freezer with daddy both abandoning children, parents, siblings, etc.Fifty years of reading time pass, which is 24 years of book time, and daddy and mommy are defrosted because brilliant son and Ryan Graves, the Chief Scientist at Tace Technologies his title is mentioned nearly every time he is like we have the memory capacity of an 8080 processor managed to energize a mouse a day into the future past not possible, at least not at this point in the book Mommy and daddy watch a video that explores all the events of the missed 24 years a lot of socioeconomic bs that has to do with multinationals dropping a neutron bomb on Beijing blah blah blah whereupon mommy and daddy declare themselves ok and skip on out to the rest of their lives.The dialog is crappy Sean looked amazed, yet uncertain Is that it Yes, that s the time machine Is sonny boy an android Then you get sentences like these, pounding the obvious into your eyeballs with a meat tenderizer about the time machine We re beginning to build another one in Lab Nelson, next door It will take a while to complete, but the second one will be necessary for a roundtrip sic to the future and back Just so you understand that round trip means there and back, and not just there, or just back And describing the time machine The eight foot diameter, iron sphere time machine was equal in height and width Oh, so that s what a sphere is The entire first 26% of the book, which is about 86 print pages, could ve been summarized in about five pages.And it s dull I ve read textbooks that have life to them There is, so far, no humor in this tale, no playfulness, no sense of wonder, nothing about the characters that makes one feel any kind of emotion for them at all It s like reading a corporate press release that has been rewritten so many times all the soul has been sucked out of a document that had very little to begin with. Love the concept and there s actually a quite well thought out depth to the way the whole issue of legal ramifications of time travel are approached On a purely content level I d give the book a top rating But, the enjoyment of reading it is marred by a very stilted writing style that comes across almost as if the author isn t comfortable writing it A quick google search reveals that he s an engineer who s other writing is technical and I think that s the issue the fictional aspects, dialogue and exposition, come across like he s not quite sure how to write them, while the technical and legal stuff flows smoothly. Aside from the mediocre writing and anticlimactic plot devices, this book takes some lazy political swipes as well It s just not very good, which is probably why it was free for the Kindle for a while I m somewhat interested in the concept of time travel, but this was not interesting.