The Lyme Diet

The Lyme Diet REVIEWS Dr McFadzeans Book Is Refreshing And Unique It Provides Sound, Thoroughly Researched Information Presented In A Clean And Cogent Format The Lyme Diet Will Become An Essential Tool For Lyme Practitioners And Patients Alike Steven Harris, MD I Have Been Treating People With Lyme And Coinfections Since 1997 People Who Have Suffered For Many Years Recover Best When They Utilize A Comprehensive Approach, Especially One That Includes Optimal Nutrition This Book Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Is Serious About Recovering From Chronic Illness The Reader Will Surely Benefit From Dr McFadzeans Comprehensive Collation Of Wisdom In A User Friendly Format Therese Yang, M.D PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Navigating The Most Appropriate Diet For A Lyme Disease Patient Can Be Difficult, But Good Nutrition Is Such A Crucial Part Of Any Treatment Regimen That It Is Well Worth Addressing Food Sustains Us, Nourishes Us, And Can Heal Us Food Is Medicine It Is One Of The Most Important Factors In Your Treatment Program The Lyme Diet Contains A Wealth Of Information About Why Dietary Choices Are Critical For Minimizing Inflammation, Optimizing Immune Function, Promoting Healthy Digestion And Gut Flora, Balancing Hormones, And Detoxifying The Body Dr Nicola S Book Is A Must Have Manual For Anyone Suffering From Such Lyme Disease Symptoms As Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Deficits, And Candidiasis It Also Has Applications For Other Chronic Illnesses Such As Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, ALS As Well As Anyone Desiring To Advance Their Health Goals Through Nutrition This Ground Breaking Publication Outlines Many Practical Examples And Strategies For Implementing Nutritional Change On A Daily Basis It Also Serves To Decode Otherwise Complex Information On Nutritional Supplements, Helpful Lab Testing, And Inexpensive Home Treatments Dr Nicola McFadzean Takes A Comprehensive Approach To Treating Lyme Disease With Patients All Over The World With This Invaluable Book, She Shares The Wisdom, Insight And Solutions That Have Been, Until Now, Exclusive To Her Private Patients. Title should be Dummy s Guide to Anti Inflammitory Diet Lifestyle Very simple introduction to the various topics, often missing certain steps or scientific information conclusions seem unsupported Basically the diet lifestyle for individuals diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Cancer are, for the most part, the same. This is an easy to read and practical book for Lyme patients and their caregivers Although the diet is the focus, treatments are discussed, especially natural ones, and an overview of how foods affect the body is clearly explained Meal plans and supplement recommendations are included. McFadzean delivers a practical guide to food and how it can affect your body when you suffer from Lyme disease A most helpful read for those who want to learn about how changing their eating habits can help change their health. This book is easy to read and understand It lists a variety of treatment options and makes healing sound possible Very encouraging. Incredibly helpful, informative, and easy to read A solid resource for Lyme patients I found Dr McFadzean s chapters and scientific explanations easy to follow A lot of what she includes is common sense backed by evidence, as well as dietary advice my own doctor has recommended I ve historically had a very difficult time following dietary requirements because I ve long felt that food was the only fun thing I had left I m learning to see it differently though, in a way that recognizes as Dr M reminds us food as medicine There s no use following a complicated treatment protocol if every meal you eat is full of inflammatory, carcinogenic, gut imbalancing, overall crappy food I needed to approach this book on my own time and right now I m glad I did Let s hope that feeling lasts if not, this is a great reference book to be consulted or re read Good, clear writing and advice She did a nice job covering the support needs of various antibiotics as well Leaky gut was so well addressed that this book would be useful to many people, not just Lyme sufferers. Very easy to read and not overwhelming Lots of great info on why diet is so important when treating Lyme. One of the best handbooks on Lyme disease written to date, highly recommended by yours truly

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  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • The Lyme Diet
  • Nicola McFadzean
  • English
  • 03 February 2017
  • 9780982513835