Manfreds Curse

Manfreds Curse An Unsettling Storm Arrives In Conrad S Seaside Village, And His Life Turns Upside Down When His Housecat Shifts Into A Sexy Man Manfred Was Used To Being A Cat And Shifting To His Human Form Whenever He Wanted, Until He Crossed Paths With A Vindictive Witch, Who Cursed Him Now, He Finds The Man Of His Dreams In Conrad, But Before He Can Claim Conrad As His Own, The Curse Must Be Broken For Good I loved Manfred and Conrad This is a quickie that will leave you hoping that a sequel is coming soon I love the quirkiness of Manfred and can easily see his cat like qualities in his human personality Conrad is just such a cutie a
Really cute, but just too short to be really good It just left it too open for me at the end and way too many questions for my inquiring mind But it was still fun and I can hope for a sequel or an extended version of this story Cute short paranormal m m romance about a guy getting freaked out by the weird storm he s weathering alone, with only his black cat Manfred to keep him company Reads like a chapter Maybe two. A sweet short story with two characters that I really enjoyed I could have done with a bitof the smexxin, because it was over pretty quickly after the buildup Yet, with a story as short as this, you can t expect to get too much of anything I enjoyed it very much Inter species shelf Short, quick read The story was pretty adorable. 2.5 stars Loved this little paranormal read Conrad was adorable 3.5