The Bastard Mummy

The Bastard Mummy Detectives Finch And Elias Have Seen A Lot Murders, Assaults, Rapes, Missing Persons But They Ve Never Investigated A Missing Mummy Before Follow The Two Partners In This Novella As They Sift Through A Half Dozen Different Suspects And Try To Solve The Mystery Of A Stolen Mummy From The River City Museum Part Whodunit Mystery, Part Procedural, With Than A Little Wise Cracking Along The Way, THE BASTARD MUMMY Has A Little Something For All Kinds Of Mystery Readers This Novella Is Also Included In The Short Story Collection, DEAD EVEN, Which Contains Several Other Finch And Elias Stories. A short novel or a longer short story It never really gets going for me the characters are somewhat clich , as is the plot generally Its an okay read, if you ve half an hour to kill but its not great literature and the ending is both uninspiring and telegraphed some way off. A short story A mummy is stolen from a museum.A police procedural with overtones of human that held my interest. This is a short novel can be downloaded free via any electronic book reader I got mine via the ibooks apps in my ipad.What is it about Two partners detectives investigating the theft of a resident Mummy.What I thought about it The Story includes existing characters from an on going series well, at least that is what I read I sure hope that is the case because I feel that I really had no time to learn enough about the main characters to be attached to or care about them If this is suppose
Follow detectives Finch and Elias in this novella which is an excerpt from the short story collection DEAD EVEN as they try to solve the mystery of a stolen mummy from the River City museum Part mystery, part procedural, with a little wise cracking alon
I liked it a lot and will look forby this author Diverting would like to have seen it expanded withdescription and characterization. This quick mystery book spent a lot of time to build up only to end pretty quickly I think it was meant asof a taster to this author s work.It was fine, but not my cup of tea.Two stars. It was ok for a quick read.