African Animal Alphabet

African Animal Alphabet Antelopes Leap Elephants Roam Lions Stalk And Zebras Gallop Wild Creatures From All Over The African Continent Scamper Through The Pages Of This Delightful Book, Giving Beginning Readers A Fascinating Way To Learn The Alphabet While Discovering Some Of Their Favorite Animals Award Winning Filmmakers And Photographers Dereck And Beverly Joubert Bring Their Vivid Images Of African Wildlife To This Superbly Engaging Alphabet Book.Readers Will Find Brief That Text Offers Basic Information About Each Animal Alongside Each Letter And The Corresponding Wildlife Photo In Some Cases, Than One Creature Represents A Particular Letter In A Market Filled With Animal Books, This High Interest Choice Stands Out For The Power Of Its Photography, The Track Record Of Its Authors Who Have Won Critical Acclaim For Previous Children S Titles, The Tremendous Kid Appeal Of African Animals, And The Proven Reliability Of The National Geographic Brand. There is a simple reason why I love this book The photography is beautiful and lovingly done This is not a surprise when one considers the talent behind the camera, Dereck and Beverly Joubert are simply phenomenal The information about the animals should also interest the kids but the main draw for me is the photography My nephew is usu
This is so good I had to have a copy for my classroom Great animal photos, with a little did you know blurb too Just a line or two about the critter Alphabet is enlarged as you go along too Love the animal facts ABC at the end, as well as info options A African Animal Alphabet by Beverly Joubert, illustrated by Dereck Joubert, features both well and lesser known animals in an alphabet format, with information about each one The book includes an introduction, Africa map showing habitats, Animal Facts pages, Did you know features, a glossary, and page of book sources and websites Lesser known animals featured include Dung beetles, Impala, Kudu, Nile crocodiles, Tsessebe, Umbrette, Vervet monkey, Xenopus bullfrog, and Yellow billed hornbill Joubert s photographs are brilliant My very favorite images include baboons, cheetahs, Dung beetles, giraffes, jackals, lion, squirrels, vervet monkeys, warthogs and zebras The baboon, cheetah and zebra action pictures are superb This is a high quality ABC and informational animal book with excellent photographs The Animals Facts pages and Did you
Literature Requirement 24 Picture Book Concept BookAward Winning photographers and film makers Beverly and Dereck Joubert take the reader through an African safari and subsequently the alphabet There are lovely vibrant and graphic pictures of animals that make it seem like you have taken the safari trip along with them The book has lovely text features including short and sweet did you know facts about each animal, a map of Africa perfect for blowing up and taking the safari adventure along as you read the book, a handy glossary
This ABC book utilizes the same smart design features as Ocean Counting that make it valuable for ongoing enjoyment and exploration The authors use alliteration to present several wonderful vocabulary words for each letter, along with interesting facts.When reading this book with one of my 4 year old private coaching students, we had a stimulating discussion She was intrigued by the 4 different antelopes that she had categorized as deer I learned there are 72 species of antelopes on the continent of Africa We discussed their foreign names and identified differences in their horns and hides She also finally understood why I call her little stuffed cat, leopard when we compared its spots to the cheetah in this book See enhancement res
A map of Africa with a key is included just before the introduction Very similar to the counting book in the same series so it can be used on many levels Did you know boxes with an additional, interesting fact sentence In this title the letter and the animal representing it are highlighted in a different color and larger font I do wish the lower case letter had been used instead of upper case since children will see lower case in print The photographs are just a good as those in the c
I thought this was a great informational book for children Each letter of the alphabet was represented by a different animal from Africa, but there were lots of other cool things about it too It also dealt with sounds for example, on the cheetah page there were a few words that started out with the ch sound It would be good to have children pick out the words on each page that star
African Animal Alphabet is a really great book The photos are fantastic There is the expected, A is for Antelope, B is for Baboon with simple explanations about the animals but there is also an interesting fact about each animal Did you know An ostrich s eye is 2
Informational book with fascinating photographs and interesting Did you know facts on each page Lots of great text features for using as a mentor text for primary students Nice balance of familiar animals as well as obscure ones What exactly is a tsessebe Gorgeous photographs give close up pictures of African animals Each page includes a did you know question Glossary and additional information included.

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