How Things Exist

How Things Exist This Book Begins With A General Talk On Universal Responsibility And Compassion That Is Followed By Four Chapters Detailing The Prasangika Madhyamaka View Of Emptiness, Or Ultimate Reality, As Taught In The Gelug Tradition Of Tibetan Buddhism, And How To Meditate On It, According To The Author S Personal Experience. Much to think about upon completion of this book The subject of emptiness is very difficult to explain but one of the key aspects of Buddhism Lama Zopa does a good job of explaining it In a sense, emptiness is like a logic problem and when it is not explained right i
Reality Reality, Reality It s taken me several decades of lived experience and nearly a decade of mindful awareness to know the Truth of what the Lama explains here Now that I do, his teachings are very very clear to me Simple in fact Highly recommended for anyone with an open and rec
This isa book um, ok, a series of ad hoc talks on dependent arising.Nothing earth shattering here, but then again, that may be because I m already well aware of the principle and would rather read something on how to apply that to day to day life rather than hear it explained all over again. Shunyata Emptiness is a tough topicTeaching Emptiness is very tough, especially in a book rather than face to face with a teacher The Lama did a great job. Five quick chapters focusing on the way we label experiences and things in the world It is argued that at the root of the world is nothingness other than what we label it to be This at least how I am reading it is both supportive of cognitive thought processes and also with slight
Understanding emptiness is not easy We have lived for countless lives seeing things and phenomena in the wrong way I love this talk by Lama Zopa because of the simplicity with which he explains such a complex subject He emphasizes how being aware of i
Actually I will never finish reading this book It doesn t really work that way with the Dharma.Every reading takes you deeper into this infinite subject matter A teaching I would recommend to any Buddhist practitioner, but especially to those of the Prasagika school of the Middle Way It is juicy A wonderful book, giving clear insight into the meaning of Emptiness. Accessible transcription of sermons, but did not enhance my understanding as much as other sources. short book that consists of transcriptions of verbal teachings Interesting and thought provoking.