Infinite Worlds of Maybe

Infinite Worlds of Maybe For Every Situation There Are Two Realms Of Possibility Columbus Did Did Not Discover America The North South Won The Civil War That Is The Intriguing Premise Of This Highly Unusual Adventure Y One Of The Most Distinguished Authors Of Science Fiction.When Bill Franklin S Father Disappears Suddenly, Bill Faces The Challenge Of Seeking Out This Fascinating World Of Duality Mr Franklin, A Scientist, Has Apparently Set Off To Prove His Theory That The Infinite Worlds Of Maybe Do Indeed Exist He Leaves Behind Only Some Jumbled Notes, A Box Like Machine, And Spacesuits From These, Bill And His Physics Professor Eventually Are Able To Project Themselves Into A Series Of Astonishing New Worlds Where They Are Confronted By Terrifying Dangers The End To This Fascinating Search Comes With The Revelation Of An Important Discovery That Is To Have Lasting Implications In All Of Their Lives.Lester Del Rey S Strongly Written Adventure Will Appeal To All Who Enjoy Fine Science Fiction. This is a 3.5, gets bumped up to a 4 for its importance in my reading life.I first read this in elementary school I don t remember the grade, I just remember the library It was the first time I d ever heard of parallel universes. I read this years ago as a teenager and was able to finally get hold of it again It s as good as I remember. This is the first alternate universe novel that I ever read It s different and neat, but I was twelve years old at the time, and could be easy to impress Unfortunately, it s hopelessly out of print, like almost all of Del Rey s work Also, I think that it
when I was about ten years old this was the first science fiction novel I encountered It started a life long love with the genre I recently acquired the book and re read it.It is a simple, well written

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