Christentum und Weltreligionen

Christentum und WeltreligionenKung Joins With Three Esteemed Colleagues To Address The Question Can We Break Through The Barriers Of Noncommunication, Fear, And Mistrust That Separate The Followers Of The World S Great Religions The Authors Analyze The Main Lines Of Approach Taken By Islam, Hinduism, And Buddhism, And Give Christian Responses To The Values And Challenges Each Tradition Presents. Kung has his finger right on the pulse and this book was first published in the mid eighties when it comes to what is most important in religion as it relates and contributes to global conflict This contribution to inter religious dialogue g
It s hard to disagree with Kung His knowledge of other religions is so extensive, sometimes he seems like he s of an expert than the experts he dialogues with Moreover, his theoretical moves are so sophisticated, it s remarkable he hasn t synthesized all the world religions to completion The biggest payoff is watching Kung do his thing, inspiring hope that adherents of the religions can see adherents of other religions as a part of the very human participation in meaning and morality that we ourselves partake in, all while maintaining the integrity of our own traditions, and even sharpening and being sharpened by others The book overall gets a bit pedantic at times, with the flow and well organized layout of Kung s writing largely bearing the load of rhetorical tempo A downside in my opinion is some unclarity in the writing, partly due to appealing to philosophical theories in theorizing about the various religions, without clarifying ambiguities in the terms borrowed from the philosophical theories This makes some of the prose difficult to understand While the writers obviously have
A must read for anyone interested in this topic.

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  • Christentum und Weltreligionen
  • Hans Küng
  • English
  • 10 March 2018
  • 9780334025399