The Poker Blueprint

The Poker Blueprint From The Man Who Literally CREATED The Poker Ebook Market And Its Poster Child, Let There Be Range A Two Thousand Dollar Poker Manual For High Stakes Poker Professionals , The Poker Blueprint Provides The Infrastructure For Micro And Small Stakes Players To Build Their Game On It Also Offer Advanced Strategies That Are Vital To Crushing Today S Online Short Handed Games Up To 100NL YOU WILL LEARN How To Win Pots Without Premium Holdings Secrets Revealed On Page 97 How To Crush Your Opponents Using This Simple Tactic See Page 177 How To Increase Your Win Rate With A Tiny Adjustment To Your Game Go To Page 184 How To Be The Best Player At Your Table The Moment You Sit Down See Page 14 Immediately How To Bluff Big And Gets Rewarded For It Read Page 235 How To Deal With Downswings Without Stressing Yourself Read Page 238 How To Calculate Odds On The Fly Go To Page 34 How Tri Becomes A Self Made Millionaire Through Playing Poker Secrets Revealed On Page 20 And That S Just The Tip Of The Iceberg There Are Than 50 Advanced Tactics Covered, All Proven To Work Under The Las Vegas Bright Lights, The New York Underground Games, The Internet, The College Dorms, The Kitchen Home Games, And Anywhere You Can Think Of You Don T Need Advanced Math Or A High IQ To Crush Poker You Need The Right Strategies And That S Exactly What The Poker Blueprint Delivers Order Today Our Winning Circle Awaits You Goes beyond some of the older strategy books written by Harrington and some of the old school players He addressesof the mathematics involved with equity and variance Im not sure that I would label these strategies as advanced necessarily though its certainly not written with the casual player in mind Maybe upper intermediate strategies would be a better title regardless, its a worthwhile read and will sharpen up your hand analysis at least by taking you through several hand pos Goes beyond some of the older strategy books written by Harrington and some of the old school players He addre
A good book for people who have their feet wet, but don t know a lot about anythingadvanced If you have a feel for the absolute basics like starting hands and position, but not much beyond that, this one s worth a look.Otherwise, not a bad read just to remind yourself of some of the basics. technical and readable, which is remarkable, but fairly narrow in scope

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  • Paperback
  • 262 pages
  • The Poker Blueprint
  • Tri Nguyen
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 0982402236