Dead Certain

Dead CertainFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Mariah Stewart Comes A Novel Of Sexy Romantic Suspense For Fans Of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, And Karen Robards.Three Devious Prisoners Vow Murderous Revenge Now The Second Is Free With Her Stalker Captured, Antiques Dealer Amanda Crosby Can Finally Sleep At Night Having Worked Hard To Put The Nightmare Behind Her, Amanda Has Vowed To Never Be A Victim Again But When Her Business Partner, Derek England, Is Found With A Bullet Through The Back Of His Head Just Hours After She Left An Incriminating Message On His Voice Mail, Amanda Finds Herself In Danger Of Becoming A Victim Of Another Sort All The Evidence Points To Amanda As Derek S Killer, And Chief Of Police Sean Mercer Is Building The Case Against Her But When Another Of Her Colleagues Is Found Brutally Murdered, It S Obvious That Someone Other Than Amanda Is Behind The Killings Suddenly Amanda Is A Target Once Again, As A Diabolical Killer Circles Ever Closer And The Only Thing That Stands Between Her And Becoming The Third And Final Victim Is The Man Who Had Tried To Put Her Behind Bars BONUS This Edition Includes An Excerpt From Mariah Stewart S Dead Even. Being that I was reeled into this series due to the premise and the summary blurbs, I decided to give Mariah Stewart s Dead series a second chance to appeal to me The first book didn t do well Knowing what to expect, I adjusted my mindset a little bit and went into Dead Certain with other expectations which, I admit, may not be very fair to Dead Wrong, but that s how I roll.I m not certain that the read was a much better experience than I had had with the first book, but it was definitely a bit tolerable Knowing that this book is not any a romantic suspense than it is a crime thriller or murder mystery helps me tamp down my expectations It s of a The Day in the Life of a Non Paid Hitman and a Glimpse of his Victims Lives type of thing When you know who the killer is, who his targets are, and why he s killing in the first place, it really DOES take the excitement out of a crime thriller.But I made my attempt not to pre judge based on the impression I got from the first book.Unfortunately, it doesn t banish the fact that the writing does not flow well and the narrative and dialogue still feels unnatural And there is still too much going on The writing is still decent and could be solid some scenes and some of the monologues feel realistic enough and has its own charm.But there is still entirely too much information being offered in random scenes about the killer, the victim
plaza Pageturner Amanda Crosby is furious with her business partner Derek England Amanda and Derek have an antique shop and Derek has bought a questionable piece while out of the country Amanda insists that Derek come over to her house upon his return so they can work out the mess he has created with his purchase Unfortunately, Derek never makes it to Amanda s house on his way there someone has put a bullet in his head Due to the incriminating phone messages and conversations with friends, the police figure Amanda as hi
The second in a trilogy based around the concept of the movie Strangers on a Train where three inmates each in for a different reason who meet in a holding room at the courthouse one morning develop a plan where they will each kill three people for one of the other inmates This second one follows the release of the second prisoner and the ne
Tiga orang penjahat bertemu di satu sel dan membuat satu permainan Ketika mereka keluar penjara mereka akan bertukar mangsa untuk dibunuh Karena Vince keluar lebih dulu, maka Vince akan membunuh tiga orang yang ada di daftar Archer Archer sendiri ditahan karena menguntit dan menganiaya seorang wanita bernama Amanda yang dianggapnya menghianati cintanya Vince sendiri sudah tau bahwa Archer ini delusional soal
Disappointingly un thrillingThis second in a series serial killer novel was s letdown The main characters were simple, one dimensional and predictable The killer s motive was known all along, so there was no drama Additionally, the killer was inept The final capture
Amanda s stalker is in prison, so she is safe Yet when the murders of two very close friends, her business partner and another shopkeeper, only have a connection to her, she is under suspicion by the police And then, she begins
Amanda Crosby is the owner of an antique store along with her partner Derek England She feels that her life has returned to a peaceful existence since her stalker is behind bars and she can concentrate on running her business until her partner turns up dead She then becomes a suspect i
This is the second of this series called Dead And once again I like the book, but the capture of the bad guy was a let down I think I had the same problem with the first book I just think that this author needs just a little imagination to en
A quick and easy mystery novel While this is book 2, the author does a good job giving you an understanding of book one You don t need to read book one to read this one Some characters cross over.