Wheels of a Soul: Reincarnation and Kabbalah

Wheels of a Soul: Reincarnation and KabbalahWheels Of A Soul Is The Book About Reincarnation For 21st Century Readers Here Rav Berg Shows How An Absolutely Fundamental Human Precept That We Have Been Here Before, And That We Will Return Here Again Until We Get It Right Was For Centuries Either Suppressed Or Ignored By Religious And Secular Authorities This Is Not Just Another New Age Tract On Crossing Over To The Other Side This Is The Rediscovery Of A Principle That Explains The Reality We Experience Every Day.In A Brilliant Explanation Of Reincarnation For The Modern Reader, Rav Berg Draws On Basic Kabbalistic Sources Such As The Bible And The Zohar.This Is A Revolutionary Concept And Rav Berg Presents It With Exquisite Clarity In Doing So, He Answers Questions That Have Compelled Humankind For Centuries For What Purpose Are We In The World And How Can We Find The Soul Mate That Will Help Us Fulfill That Purpose Have We Been Here Before And How Can Today S Events Illuminate Past Lifetimes What Is The True Meaning Of Fate And How Can We Control Fate Through The Power Of Our Own Free Will A book that wants to theorize about everything and ends up being speculative and lacking of depth Very interesting ideas as always This book was recommended to me, and I really tried to give it a chance see it through to the end But, I just can t do it I m not the type of person to leave things unfinished but the book was very poorly written
Combination of spiritual and scientific perspectives on reincarnation Recommended only for those interested in the field of study to be read with an open mind. amazing book well written loved it dnf no rating.

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Wheels of a Soul: Reincarnation and Kabbalah
  • Philip S. Berg
  • English
  • 18 August 2018
  • 9781571893017