But Inside I'm Screaming

But Inside I'm ScreamingIsabel Murphy Has It All, But When She Freezes On Air While Reporting On The Death Of Princess Diana, It Is Clear Her Life Is Not As It Appears To Viewers With The Television Network Furious And Knowing She S Let Everyone Down, She Attempts Suicide And Ends Up In A Psychiatric Facility With Persistence, Her Therapists Begin To Help Her Examine The Source Of Her Pain And Unhappiness This Is A Raw And Honest Look At A Woman S Journey Of Survival Based On The Author S Own Life. But Inside I m Screaming by Elizabeth Flock was a really good read I enjoyed it thoroughly, although perhaps it is not a book to be enjoyed It is possibly accurate to say that I connected with the book.The main character is Isabel Murphy who is a successful international broadcast journalist, loving wife, perfect daughter but suicidal human She freezes up on national television while trying to cover the breaking news of car crash in which Princess Diana died Following this, Isabel finds herself at Three Breezes, a four star psychiatric hospital nicknamed the nut hut, where she begins the painful process of recovering from her mental breakdown to retrieve the life everyone thought she had However, she has no idea why she is there It might be because of her two suicide attempts or her meltdown on live TV The point is, she is not like any of the other patients They are seriously crazy She wants to be released so she can leave and kill herself.The author s writing style is lovely It is honest and, at times, extremely painful The chapters alternate to te
I thought this book was so annoying Seriously, how many times do you need to say adirondack chair I mean, is the type of chair you sit and smoke in THAT important No I get it You sit in adirondack chairs Also, it was so unoriginal Think a cra
This book was so much better than I expected it to be Isabel Murphy is a reporter who has a break down while covering a huge story live on air After a suicide attempt, she seeks treatment at Three Breezes, a psychiatric hospital There she must come to terms with all the events in her life that brought her here This book shines an unsparing light on mental illness in its many forms and its cruel impact on people s lives as depicted by the other patients with whom Isabel is being treated What I found most interesting was Isabel s inner dialogue when she was at her sickest and how it was at cross purposes with her treatment How insidious the inner voice of depression can be so that it can reach its final goal of suicide How canny and perceptive the psychiatr
So this could have been a very interesting book It had all the right elements and a main character that could have been compelling But sadly it had no depth to it, and things were told instead of shown Isabel breaks down on live television and as a result, heads home to commit suicide She doesn t quite succeed though and finds herself transported to the mental institution of Three Breezes Here she doesn t feel as if she belongs with the other patients She doesn t think she s quite crazy enough But she does still know that she wants to kill herself, and that she s not happy with the doctors there who want her to undergo Electric Shock Therapy Isabel is determined to die still, but it doesn t look like she s going to get her chance Mixed in with her time at the institution are also memories of events that all led up to her breakdown Memories of her husband s abusive ways and her father s absence help to contribute to her unstableness.Isabel could have been a fantastic character Since she is the main character she s the center of attention and the book pretty much focuses on her However I never really understand why she does the things she does
Meet Isabel successful international broadcast journalist, loving wife, perfect daughter, suicidal human After freezing up on national television while trying to cover the breaking news of Princess Diana s car crash, Isabel finds herself at Three Breezes, a top of the line psychiatric hospital She has no idea why she s there Maybe it s the two suicide attempts The meltdown on live TV The point is, she isn t like any of those other patients who are seriously crazy She just wants to be released so she can leave and kill herself The honesty of the writing is sometimes painful because the reader feels Isabel s raw emotions and her irrationality that she doesn t belong in the nut hut She isn t one of these patients Slowly she learns to deal with her problems and come to accept that she does belong here and that in the long run it will help her This honestly and the feelings that you get reading this book make it a five star
I don t understand why this book was published The main character was horrible Here are just a few examples of our lovely Isabel About her psychiatrist she s been smiling at me a lot lately she gay or something On a fellow patient in the institution With those headphones on she looks like a black Princess Leia And the very worst She had this freaky thing happen to her with the limo driver I still don t know what went on there This freaky thing that happened was a female patient being drugged and raped while unconscious I m not sure how anyone could read this book and fe
Found this book for a dollar in the clearance section of the bookstore and decided to take a chance on it.I made it about halfway through, but I got tired of the way it was constantly switching back and forth between the present a
What i liked best about this novel about a woman who suffers a breakdown and is admitted to a psychiatric hospital is the difference between Isabel and the other patients Isabel is suffering from severe depression, whereas most of the other patients are suffering from illnesses like manic depression bipolar disorder or schizophrenia So because of the other patients bouts of mania, paranoia, etc, Isabel is completely indignant as to why she is among them as, compared to them, she feels normal Whereas we the reader know she also has problems she needs help with as her main goal is to receive grounds privileges so she can walk to the end of the drive and step in front of the next passing truck The realism of this really struck me, that in any given psychiatric facility there are people of varying levels of mental ill health and this can impede upon their recovery Isabel makes friends with Kristen, a patient who seems normal like her at first, but then Isabel s eyes are opened to the fact that Kristin is on a spiral of self destruction The great shining moment of the story comes when Isabel realises that she is in the fortunate position of being a
I keep a couple of stacks of paperbacks piled up on my nightstand, which is actually a bookcase, for those just in case moments when I either don t have anything to read or don t like what I ve been reading or just need a break from something heavier This book was in that stack, or one of them, picked up quite awhile ago from a Friends of the Library sale cart I pick things up for all kinds of reasons, the title, a review I ve read, a recommendation from friends or goodreads, because I saw it at Costco or maybe just because I have a potent need to know that I have at least a few books waiting in the wings, as it were I ve no idea why I selected this book in the first place, possibly the title, nor what exactly made me decide it was time to read it, but I did like it, not love it, just liked it But Inside I m Screaming is the story of Isabel who on the very eve of starting a medical leave from her job, which she plans to spend committing suicide, freezes up on national television, live with breaking news Her subsequent break down has her admitted to a psychiatric hospital where her initial goal is simple get privileges so she walk down to the road and step in front of first passing vehicle, preferably a truck From here the story
I m a little disappointed in this book after having read Me Emma Totally different stories I understand and very different subject matters However, I just didn t get an overall feeling of ahhhh, THAT was a good novel Nonetheless, I did finish it Perhaps it was the fact that I ve just finished reading A Million Little Pieces and hearing about and reading all the surrounding hoopla and controversy surrounding that book Halfway through this book I quickly lost interest and thought Hmmsimilar to Pieces only rehab for suicide not drugs From back cover It s so thin and small it seems impossible that it can end a human life Two long, quick slices and the pain bleeds awaySo begins But Inside I m Screaming , an intense and absorbing novel It is the unforgettable story of one woman s account of what it is to lose control as the world watches, to figure out what went so very wrong, and to accept an imperfect life in a world that demands perfection.While breaking the hottest news story of the year,

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