The Dog That Saved My Life

The Dog That Saved My Life Dogs Have Saved The Lives Of Men In Wartime With Their Bravery, Loyalty And Companionship From The World War Two Dog That Was Adopted By The Royal Navy As A Mascot, To The Recent Heroics Of Explosives Dog Sadie In The Afghanistan Conflict, This Book Features Tales Of Canine Bravery In The Most Challenging Of Environments. When I picked this book up, I assumed it was the story of one person their dog Even better it was divided into 5 chapters, each featuring a different Dog story It took me on an amazing, round the world journey with some very special dogs and amazing people in the most extraordinary circumstances However, each chapter was a only a kind of summary of events So sometimes I found them a little confusing to follow as they were just a body of writing, without any breaks But they have pointed
2.5 stars Very simple writing with a few editing errors and spent a little too much time on buildup and background details for my taste made it feel like slow going sometimes, and I lost patience and started skimming but still some good stories if you skim through to the dog parts The w
Such a moving book, definitely need a box of tissues when reading this one. Such a great book 5 stories of how amazing dogs are, as if we didn t already know how amazing they are. A beautiful collection of five stories about dogs and their owners, or importantly, their friends, all set against the backdrop of war some of the stories were familiar to me, others I had not read before The loyalty, love and understanding between dog and human is amazing, and I can honestly say I had tear in my eyes at a few points in the book You really feel fo
This is an amazing book Be warned though that you will need some tissues as you read it.The loyalty of the dogs in the story is amazing and shows what an extraordinary animal the dog is.My favorite story was probably Rat but all were very touching. this book is a real tear jerker, but a definate must read true stories of war hero dogs not only are the stories moving and obviously about how the dogs helped and touched people during the war, but you are also given an insite into what people endured during the war. I love dog stories Dogs are man s best friends even on the battlefield whether providing a light moment and company to make a war zone feel homelike or carry a grenade away from a group of soldiers giving his life for theirs A very worthy read. Interesting to read stories over different eras Ok as a quick one day read Straightforward language making it readable if not exactly intricate depth story telling. Great book filled with some lovely stories about some really great and wonderful dogs.

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Dog That Saved My Life  ✈ Isabel George –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Dog That Saved My Life
  • Isabel George
  • English
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9780007339204