A Gift from Childhood

A Gift from Childhood Baba Wagu Is Only Four Years Old When He Is Sent To The Tiny Malian Village Of Kassaro To Be Raised By His Paternal Grandparents, According To The Family Tradition He Is Most Unhappy About This At First, But Under His Grandmother S Patient And Wise Tutelage He Comes To Love His Close Knit Village Community He Learns How To Catch A Catfish With His Bare Hands, Flees From An Army Of Bees, And Mistakes A Hungry Albino Cobra Snake For A Pink Inner Tube Finally, Grandma Sabou Decides That Baba Is Educated Enough To Go To School, And He Moves Back To The City, Where His Family Struggles To Provide Him With A Formal Education But He Brings His Village Stories With Him, And In The Process Of Sharing Them With His Neighborhood Uncovers His Immense Artistic And Storytelling Talents. This book and its gorgeous illustrations made me happy. Mali The best time to do something is when you are willing to do it More than a century of European occupation greatly contributed to the loss of cultures and traditions for one whole generation of Africans No matter how cloudy the past may look, the bright future will be born from it If you know where you came from, you will know where you are heading One must first look good inside before looking good outside So m
It is a really good book You learn about different cultures in different parts of the world. Diakite, B W 2010 A gift from childhood Toronto, Canada Groundwood Books 2011 Outstanding International Book ListInformationalAge range 10 and up, Grades 4 and upThis is a beautiful autobiography of Diakite s childhood in Mali, located in western Africa Colorful illustrations created on earthenware tiles combined with rich African culture, heritage, and values creates an interesting story about life in a third world country When Diakite turned four, his parents sent him to live with his Grandpa and Grandma Sabou on their mango plantation His grandparents provided a deep informal education foundation for him by teaching him how to catch catfish with his bare hands and cultivate crops But his gift that was encouraged by his grandmother was the gift of storytelling Once Deakite completed his informal education, he returned back to the city with his parents to attend school He was always gratef
Diakite, B i 2010 A gift from childhood memories of an African boyhood Canada Groundwood Books.Citation by Dianna WolfType of Reference BiographyCall Number Ref 92Content Scope A memoir about growing up in Mali, AfricaAccuracy Authority Bias This book was classified as Core Collection by Middle and Junior High Core Collection H W Wilson This list is selected and recommended by collection development specialists in library service to young people Arrangement Presentation The book is organized chronologically through the life of the author.Relation to other works This book relates to other biographies as they tell a story of the person s life, and other books set in Africa.Timeliness Permanence Book was published in 2010, but the content is timely with the focus on living in another country which many of our students have experienced.Accessibility
I use this as part of the Memory Work unit, I do in my course, Worlds of Childhood, to think not only about different experiences of childhood but the rich storytelling traditions in indigenous cultures that link up the texts I use Larry Loyie s As Long as the Rivers Flow Cree Canada , Rigoberta Menchu s The Girl from Chimel Maya Guatemala and Diakite s Fulani Malian childho
Wonderful memoir.

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  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • A Gift from Childhood
  • Baba Wagué Diakité
  • English
  • 16 July 2019
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