Whats Right? (Quarterly Essay #37)

Whats Right? (Quarterly Essay #37) Where Did The Right Go Wrong With The Departure Of George W Bush And John Howard, Conservative Parties In The US And Australia Entered A Period Of Turmoil Foreign Affairs, Economics, The Environment All Were Issues To Be Avoided Most Profoundly, Conservatives No Longer Seemed To Have A Compelling Vision Of The Future And Arguably Still Don T How Did The Right End Up In This State How Might Conservatism Renew Itself In This Illuminating Essay, Waleed Aly Begins By Unravelling The Terms Right And Left, Arguing That These Have Become Meaningless He Contends That Conservative Parties Have Backed Themselves Into A Corner By Embracing Free Market Extremism, And That An Illiberal Social Politics Including Prescribing Who Or What Is Australian Is Not The Answer, Electorally Tempting Though It May Be.Aly Discusses What A Better Conservatism Might Look Like He Predicts That The Key Issues Of The Day, Such As Climate Change And The Financial Crisis, Mean A Reactionary Brand Of Politics Is Unlikely To Work Because Public Opinion Is Swiftly Leaving It Behind He Draws On The Work Of Conservative Thinkers, Past And Present, To Sketch The Kind Of Conservatism That Seems Scarce In Australia, But Which Would Be A Welcome Presence Here This Is A Supple, Clear And Original Argument For Political ChangeOur Political Discourse Is Drenched In Left And Right Because It Is So Deeply Impoverished These Terms Are The Hallmark Of A Political Conversation That Is Obsessed With Teams And Uninterested In Ideas Waleed Aly, What S Right I recently watched Waleed talked about this at The Wheeler Centre before reading the essay which now I would say I enjoyed that It may not be fair to compare them so as he was asked questions by the audience and his interviewer so it was always going to address broader topics etc Waleed gives a competent brief history of conservatism, liberalism and their place in the post modern setting and
As a conservative I had only heard about Waleed Ali and his show The Project in a negative light Figured he was just an ultra modern, unprincipled Muslim SJW type and ignored him This, however, interested me an apparently obnoxious leftist exploring conservatism in a way that seemed inquisitive and considered rather than biased and agenda driven This was indeed the case I was not disappointed Ali, whatever his progressive ideas may be, contributes a very well written essay to this respectable political publication Largely a critique of modern conservatism s neoliberal trappings, Ali actually acknowledges the importance of true conservative policy and pragmatism His issue is mainly with neoliberal politics and its inconsistencies with actual conservative values such as family and Judeo Christian
I really could ve used this in my economic geography subject as an essay reference six years ago ah well Waleed Aly presents a fascinating and clear analysis of the move from conservatism to neo liberal economics and neo conservatism in Australian politics He skilfully shows the inherent contradictions of being conservative but pushing for broad sweeping, ideological reform Of particular interest is the ways in which the foundation philosophy of individual liberty has changed and is at odds with the current right
Waleed Aly is a deep thinker and amazing communicator This essay is an insightful short history of modern conservatism, and its transformation into the current paradoxical combination of neoliberalism and neoconservatism Whether you are politically left or right, this short book is for you if you believe that right wing politics has become ungrounded, and you want to see some sanity return in the form of the traditional conservatism that eschews radical transformative ideologies,
Interesting read Aly sketches out the political landscape of left and right and shows the similarities and differences between the Australian Liberal Party, conservatives, neoliberals, and neoconservatives He then critiques the various positions in re
I might be a little biased, but this is one of the finest accounts of traditional conservatism that I have read Waleed Ali proves once again that he is well on the way to becoming one of the most prominent thinkers in our community I highly recommend this book. Well written and thought provoking Waleed Aly s ruminations on conservatism are the sort of measured discussion that is so important as so called conservatism gains ground in various countries.

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