Paternity Poems Of Aching Tenderness Paternity Explores With A Discerning, Clear Eyed Sensitivitythe Daily Small Delights, Frustrations, And Purely Unexpected Miracles That, Taken Together, Make Up The Building Blocks Of One Father S Personal Salvation Joanna Catherine Scott, Author Of Night Huntress And Fainting At The Uffizi In Scott Owens Lovely Book Of Poems, PATERNITY, We Have A Remarkable Account Of How His Very Special Relationship With His Young Daughter, Sawyer, Has Saved Him From The Darkness Of His Own Childhood The Poems Are Engaging In The Deepest Sense Funny, Touching, And Full Of The Kind Of Wisdom We All Need As Parents And Family Members To Sustain The Balance Of Daily Life How Can Anyone Resist A Girl Who Makes Up The Word, Effluctress, To Describe What Only A Four Year Old Can See Anthony S Abbott, Author Of THE MAN WHO I Ve Never Been This Strong Before Can Only Hope I Ll Hold This Joy, Writes Scott Owens In Naming Poem By Poem, Paternity Builds A Father S World Its Fears And Joys, Its Vows, Which Are Too Often And Too Easily Broken Looming Over The Lives Of His Children Is The Childhood Of The Man Who Speaks These Poems, Memories Which Make The Poet Grateful For The Days I Am Not My Father It Is This Ability To Feel The Weight Of The Past On His Present Life And The Work Of Resisting That Past Even As He Builds The Present His Children Live In That Makes Paternity A Book That Should Be Read Not Only By Parents But By Anyone Interested In Poems That Can Disturb And Console In The Same Breath Al Maginnes, Author Of Ghost Alphabet My first observation, concerning Scott Owens second book, is that Paternity begins where The Fractured World ended Two poems Foundings and On the Days I Am Not My Father, first published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature in a chapbook entitled Deceptively Like a Sound are common to both books they have to be For Owens, it is not laziness and repetition that gets him miles out of the same poems, but, rather, the poet s common sense in knowing that he must begin where he is and then move on to where he wants to be Owens is most assuredly not his father, but what he wants is to be a good dad and, perhaps, a good poet, too He is even willing to give a bit on the latter to make the former happen The poems in this volume convince me that he is a very good dad, indeed you know you ll never change the world, becomethe great poet and then, out of nowhere she says, Daddy, you re the best and you knowfor a moment it will be enough Days Like These By way of summary, Owens first book The Fractured World, also publi
I m entranced with Scott Owens latest book, Paternity After three readings, my admiration only grew The core subject of his book is his relationship with his daughter, Sawyer, but poems are also included about his stepsons as well as his father s bad parenting I m not a parent, but I don t need to be in order to enjoy both the expert craftsmanship of these poems as well as their magic It s both a book of the love of a father for his daughter and at the same time, a type of atonement for his own father s failings By being a better father, Owens walks away from the ghosts of his past into a better now of his own creation.From On The Days I Am Not My FatherI don t yell I don t hold insidethe day s supply of frustrations.My hands stay open all day.I don t wake tired and sore,dazed from senseless, panickingdreams On the days I am not my father I hold my sonwhen he cries, let him touch my facewithout flinching A poet friend, after reading this book, wrote me that he would assign Paternity as a textbook for poetry students were it up to him I completely agree Every word, every phrase, every break is carefully thought out And the poems sing, just as Owens

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