Gruppenbild mit Dame

Gruppenbild mit Dame Pubblicato Nel 1971, Foto Di Gruppo Con Signora Diviene Immediatamente Un Best Seller Mondiale Nella Sua Indagine Su Leni, Affascinante Donna Sensuale E Di Carattere, Che Attraversa Gli Eventi Pi Drammatici Della Germania Contemporanea, Boll Veste I Panni Del Cronista Mettendosi Sulle Tracce Di Tutti Coloro Che L Hanno Conosciuta Dal Fratello Poeta Che Si Distrugge Per Sottrarsi All Abiezione Del Nazismo A Suor Rahel, Dall Affarista Pelzer Alla Prostituta Margret Attraverso Foto, Lettere, Oggetti Personali, Boll Ricostruisce La Biografia Di Un Antieroina Inserendola Nel Grande Fiume Della Storia E Dandoci L Immagine Di Un Intera Epoca, Dall Et Guglielmina Al Secondo Dopoguerra Libro Articolato Con Rigorosa Coerenza Stilistica E Architettonica Claudio Magris E Dalla Forte Tensione Morale, Capace Di Trascorrere Dal Tragico Al Grottesto E Al Lirico, Foto Di Gruppo Il Romanzo Di Uno Scrittore Autentico, Di Quelli Che Si Dice Siano Nati Per Narrare, E Che Posseggono La Virt Di Rendere Visibile Tutto Quanto Attraversa La Loro Immaginazione Enzo Siciliano. Construction and destruction of a narrative architecture shown in the process of building, with the scaffold still raised to support the work, thus hiding vital parts of the architecture behind it.B ll is obsessed with building and destroying materials, houses, evidence, characters His stories are made up of Tr mmerlandschaften those scary skeletons of German cities and their inhabitants during and after the Second World War, witnesses of bombed out history B ll s protagonists wade through the rubbish heaps of their former identities to find bits and pieces that make sense, that add to a cubist portrait of their self brownish, grayish, broken up into shards of different sizes and colours.A feeling for analytical cubism is required for the author to make sense of the fragmented story lines, with their shared hiatus in the war But each character s hiatus is in a different spot, at a different moment When did each person break, lose a part of their life, change into a new form It depends The detective work is made harder still by the synthetic cubist portraits the protagonists have created of themselves after t
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, , Andre Gide , Manes Sperber , , , , , 10 , , , , . . , , Forest Gump , , , 1920 1970 , , , , , , , , It is often the mark of a truly great book that style is at least as important as other aspects such a story line or character definition I have found this literary quality to be true in masterpieces by James Joyce, Proust, Faulkner, Gaddis, Gass, Virginia Woolf and many other genius literary novelists In fact, telling a tale in a new literary style distinguishes a good writer from a great one in my book So much so that I tend to discount straight ahead narrative styles as mundane and seek out novelists engaged in stylistic innovation Heinrich Boll is a novelist who wants to narrate in a new way He is focused upon German society during and after World War II when that nation was obliterated by Russian, American, British and French allies Boll s story is presented as a portrait of a lady, Leni Pfeiffer, against the backdrop of a group her friends, family, colleagues, religious advisers and lovers The Author Au presents this portrait in such a way that we see the protagonist with incredibly precise brush strokes from the point of view of the Author making a bureaucratic inquiry of Leni and through his research we come to know her by way of what others tell him about her In this sense we also come to know the Group based upon their perspectives in their narrations about the lady Leni may well be one of the finest character studies of the 20th century because of the narrative style
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