Almost Taken

Almost TakenA Desperate Woman Ava Fychon Won T Rest Until She Finds Her Family A Month Has Passed Since She And Her Young Brother And Sister Were Taken From Their Farm In Wales And Then Separated In London Flinging Herself Into The River Thames To Escape Her Kidnappers, However, Isn T Her Best Idea To Date Not When It Results In Being Dumped On The Doorstep Of The Man Who Can Send Her To Prison A Life Forever Changed The Instant He Sees The Drenched Girl Dripping Water On His Carpet, Deran Morissey, Earl Of Atherton, Knows His Life Will Change And Not For The Better Her Story Of Abduction Is Too Absurd To Be Believed He Offers To Help Find Her Family, Certain That Will Put An End To Her Ruse That Was His First Blunder, For He Soon Learns Miss Ava Fychon Will Go To Great Lengths And Distances Either On Foot Or Stolen Horse To Reclaim Her Kin An Impossible Love Their Search Leads Them To Each Other S Heart And To A Love That Cannot Be Realized What Can A Person Do When They Want Someone They Can Never Have Almost Taken is a historical romance novel with a slight hint of suspense The action takes place in London, in 1825 Immediately, the reader meets Ava Fychon as she is desperately trying to stay afloat in the sewage filled Thames At first, the reader knows very little about Ava In fact, when the young girl is brought to Deran Morrisey Earl of Atherton on the charge that she is trying to stow away on one of his ships, Ava does not even speak Soon enough though, we learn that Ava in on a quest to find her sister and brother Essentially, Ava had been both mother and father to the young children since the death of their father The children had been separated from each other when a man claiming to be their uncle had kidnapped them with the intension of selling them as indentured servants Throughout the story, Ava obsession is to reunite her siblings However, life

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  • Paperback
  • 348 pages
  • Almost Taken
  • Isabel Mere
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9780978713928