The Vows of the Peacock

The Vows of the PeacockThe Pageantry And Scandal Of A Great Court Set Aflame By A Too Beautiful, Too Ambitious WomanThe Court, Riddled By Jealousy, Scandal And Intrigue, Was Ready To Topple Isabel, The Unbelievably Beautiful Queen, Lived Openly With Her Noble Lover The King Himself Sat Precariously On His Throne Vows of the Peacock, published in 1955 is the first novel second chronologically in Graham s three part saga of the Astley barony The book is well researched and the characters were real people The castle ruins, and the church built by the male lead, Thomas de Astley, still exist today in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK There is a reason this book made the NY Times Bestseller list when it was released, it is FANTASTIC The heroine, Elizabeth de Astley de Beauchamp finds herself caught up in the trail of lies, and deceit that accompanied the reign of Edward II of England, and his queen, Isabel the fair, of France The weaving of intrigue, and romance are masterfully crafted This book does not have the riveting, tear jerker scenes of its prequel, Shield of Honor, but never once becomes vague in its narrative, as Shield did If you love well w
This just might be a book I ve been looking for for years and years and years If I can get ahold of a copy and read it, I will know for sure