Lanark: A Life in Four Books

Lanark: A Life in Four BooksLanark, A Modern Vision Of Hell, Is Set In The Disintegrating Cities Of Unthank And Glasgow, And Tells The Interwoven Stories Of Lanark And Duncan Thaw A Work Of Extraordinary Imagination And Wide Range, Its Playful Narrative Techniques Convey A Profound Message, Both Personal And Political, About Humankind S Inability To Love, And Yet Our Compulsion To Go On Trying.This Canongate Classics Edition Includes An Introduction By Janice Galloway As Well As The Author S Tailpiece 2001 , An Addendum To The Novel. If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Inflated Footnotes Lanark A Life in Four Books by Alasdair Gray Original Review, 1981 03 10 I don t have problem with intertextual interpretation as such It s only that I ve always seen reading as a collaborative process between an author and a reader If you look at it that way, it makes you wonder which parts of deep reading Lanark comes from the mind of Alasdair Gray and which comes from the attic of your own sub
Alien Life forms Lanark, on the face of it, is a complex fantasy of a sort of Glaswegian student Bohemia experienced by the eponymous hero alias Thaw There are intriguing allusions and dense metaphysical comments on almost every page I don t think it is prudent, or even possible, to summarize its narrative or its meaning But a key to both might be found in what I think is its philosophical, and therefore essentially literary, context.According to some, the most serious impediment to explaining the world isn t the absence of a unified physical theory or the inadequacy of human language It is the presence of what can only be called a pervasive evil Evil is an irrationality, an inherent contradiction, which clearly exists in nature everywhere and especially in people but which defies explanation Yet consciousness demands one How can such an absurd universe produce beings who question its very absurdity This is the premise and issue of an ancient style of thinking called Gnosticism, the essential presumption of which is that we thinking, reflective beings actually don t belong here
Some novels are like the Cheshire Cat, the only thing left of them is their smile Can t remember much about this big, crazy book but I do remember it was big, and crazy, and about Glasgow, and not Glasgow, which was called Unthank
Girizgah Lanark, hem okunabilirlik a s ndan hem de yaz msal olarak bak ld nda okuru ciddi olarak farkl duygular s k lma, sevinme, z lme, heyecanlanma, sab rs zl k, estetik tam olarak ya atabilen tarif edilmesi zor kitap.Alasdair Gray in 20 y ll k al mas olan Lanark 4 5 farkl yaz msal t r i inde bulunduran okudu um en zekice kitaplardan biriydi Yazar, bilimkurgu ve fantastik eleri, bildungsroman ve kahraman mitleri do rultusunda harmanlay p ayn zamanda yapm oldu u intihaller ile tarihten o d neme kadar yaz lm t m edebiyat n tarihinin bir nevi zetini sunan Gray bkn Hatime sf 523 tragedya, insanl n varolu sorunlar , cennet cehennem tanr yarat c yarat lan temalar do rultusunda olu turulmu ok katmanl bir kitap ok sert bir ekilde kapitalizm ele tirisi yapan Lanark, bilimkurgu ve fantastik romana ait ger ek st c l , di er edebi t rleri i inde yer alan ger eklik temas yla birlikte kullanan ayn zamanda bir distopya rne i.Kitab n atmosferi baz okurlar taraf ndan ok kara ve simsiyah bulunmas ve bu karamsarl k tonlar n n okuru s kabilece i ele tirisi yap lsa da a kcas bu fikre hi sahip olmadan kitab okudu umu belirtmeliyim Gray in ressam olmas ve di er g zel sanatlarla olan ili kisini m thi betimlemeler ile sunmas ve bana Tim Parks n Kader i tematik olarak neye dayand r larak olu tu unu bahsetti i The Pleasures of Pessimism makalesinde
I wanted very much to love this book, which was probably my first mistake I had heard a lot of extremely complimentary things about how it was the most unusual, eccentric and meaningful novel various people had read for ages, and I probably came to it with rather exaggerated hopes Anyway, it s good, but it s also flawed, as to be fair the author himself admits in a rather interesting confessional Epilogue The first thing you notice when you open it up and check out the Contents page is that it is structured in a weird way First comes Book 3, then the Introduction, then Books 1 and 2, and finally Book 4 The Epilogue I mentioned comes a few chapters before the end of the book, because it s far too important to leave to the end paraphrasing from memory So straight away you know you re dealing with a writer who s kind of pretentious, and the only question really is if it s justified by artistic effect or if it s just a gimmick On balance it just about worked for me, but it was a close call.There are two stories in Lanark, which are related in obscure ways to one another Books 1 and 2 tell the story of Duncan Thaw, an asthmatic, intellectual child growing up in Glasgow and finding his feet as an artist Books 3 and 4 concern a ma
I read Alasdair s part hopelessly biographical, part darkest fantasy Lanark in the spring of 2007 I could not read it again In those days I d identified the character s Lanark Thaw to the person I was in love with especially the artist parts I bet I m the only person who is gonna say that about THIS book Those feelings changed boy did they ever and I d not be able to bear being reminded of those feelings as they probably should have always been in their new light I feel kinda crazy sometimes This is a crazy book, though, so at least I didn t wander into some cookie cutter sane land Man, maybe it was the judgemental quality that Lanark had towards Rima I read to understand I don t understand anything the yearning something or other, the thing that makes someone tick And this book didn t give anything back for me now It was that damned judgemental feeling I remember and cringe how the men wanted only a pretty face the gaggle of sexuality so faceless yet had the gall to whine when the rest of the package didn t stay just the image You get what you put in Yeah, it s a fantasy when tht was the basis all along Not to mention eating of the soylent green Creepy Understandable Like judging someone f
This novel is a mix of dystopia with fantasy elements and bildungsroman We start in the future where we come across a dysfunctional group of pseudo cognoscenti hanging out in a local cinema cum coffee shop called The Elite In this section of the book, Lanark, our hero, lives a rather purposeless life in Unthank parallel universe Glasgow , cavorts with these layabouts there before being sucked underground by a giant pair of lips There he enters a vast Orwellian compound known as The Institute where everyone s a doctor, or becomes one He saves a woman, Rima, one of the layabouts, from turning salamander He discovers that Soylent Green is people, and for that reason decides to leave the subterreanean Institute and return to the hell of life on the surface of the earth But before doing so, he is told the story of his former life as one Duncan Thaw by a portable oracle Thaw lived in the real Glasgow, which I was pleased to see meticulously described for the first time in any fiction that I have ever read Over than 300 pages Thaw grows from child to neurotic art stud
I do not know what I just read In the best possible way.What can I say that doesn t spoil something It s illustrated by the author And rather well, I might add Gray plays with structure And linearity And your fucking head Just when you think you know what s going on, you don t.Tonight I went to the library to see some local new author guy talk about his book which is completely irrelevant to this review But what is relevant is that the guy sitting in front of me put the book he was reading on the seat next to him when the author guy started talking And, because I m a book fiend, I contortioned my body to see what he was reading It wa
Lanark hakk nda genel kan m k saca s ylememi isteseniz ok iyi olman n kenar ndan d nm bir roman oldu unu s ylerdim Kitapla ilgili farkl farkl ba l klarda, hepimizin farkl yorumlam oldu unu hayretle fark edece imiz ok ey konu mak m mk n Bence en temel problem de burada yat yor zaten Karma an n da kendi i inde bir d zeni olmal zellikle insan kaleminden kma kurmacalarda Fakat Lanark n bu d zeni de kendi i inde kar m durumda Yazar k oyunlar, efsane Hatime b l m ile yepyeni bir tazelik katmaya al m bir yandan da edebiyat tarihine bir resmige it yapm , okurunu da so uk suyun alt na sokup biraz kendine getirmi vs hepsine tamam m Ancak t m bu abalar nda t pk kitapta b y c nam yla karakterle tirdi i kendisine d nm Zaten bu b l mde yazarl n, ya ad klar n n kaleminde ba kala p, edebile ip s zc klere d k lmesiyle meydana geldi ini s yl yor Mutlaka da yledir Hem Gray i in hem de ba ka bir s r yazar i in O y zden yazar kendi ki isel tarihinin tan kl klar n , yeni d nyan n d n m n , yaln zla may ve yabanc la may tercih etti i s rreal bir y ntemle aktarmay se mi Bunu yaparken de bir yolculuk kurgulay p, ayr ks g r nen ama asl nda ok s radan biri olan karakteri Lanark belli sarmallar n i inde doland r p, klasik yap ya zaman
Around 200 pages mark Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and unbearably boring I only have about 200 pages left so I ll soldier through and finish it although I m unimpressed and will probably not pick up another Gray for some time.Later Rarely do I give up on a book if I ve already already managed to read its first 490 pages and have only around 60 pages left because after trudging through so many pages it feels pointless not to make a final effort and spend half an hour actually finishing the thing But rarely does a book offer me such a good excuse to stop reading it with just 60 pages left to go The city of the Glasgow is the best and only real character beside Gray himself in this book and in all honesty it is the only reason why I kept reading I don t think that Gray and it is Gray speaking clearly through Thaw Lanark, his self identification self insertion is one of the reasons why the book is painful to read is right when he says that a city needs to be used by an artist in order for the inhabitants to live in it imaginatively or to imagine themselves living in it I ve lived most of my life in an unimagined unused small town which in which I imagined myself living all my life without feeling the need for other people or artists s

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