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Corazón tan blancoEine Junge Frau Erhebt Sich Vom Tisch, Geht Ins Bad, Kn Pft Ihre Bluse Auf Und Erschie T Sich Diese Dunkle Szene, Von Der Der Ich Erz Hler Nur Geh Rt Hat, L T Ihm Keine Ruhe Mehr Die Junge Frau War Seine Tante, Die Schwester Seiner Mutter, Die Frau, Die Sein Vater Vor Seiner Mutter Geheiratet Hatte Vierzig Jahre Sp Ter Ist Der Erz Hler Selbst Verheiratet Dunkle Vorahnungen Und Nebens Chliche Ereignisse Beunruhigen Ihn Der Ich Erz Hler Ist Dolmetscher Und Leidet An Einer D Formation Professionelle , Die Ihn Dazu Zwingt, Jedes Detail Zu Registrieren Und Zu Interpretieren Die Kleinen, Scheinbar Unbedeutenden Dinge Im Leben Zu Zweit Und Auch Jene Details, Die Ihm Nach Und Nach Mehr Ber Die Ereignisse Vor Seiner Geburt Verraten, Als Ihm Lieb Ist. Listening is the most dangerous thing of all, listening means knowing, finding out about something and knowing what s going on, our ears don t have lids that can instinctively close against the words uttered, they can t hide from what they sense they re about to hear, it s always too late Juan is trained to listen to people He is a professional translator, so when he is listening to conversations it comes in his ears in one language and comes out his mouth in another language He is the only person in the room that fully understands the conversation His job is to make sure there are no misunderstandings When he meets Luisa for the first time she is the person there to insure that he is doing his job properly while translating a conversation between two heads of state Juan slips in his own suggestions into the translations, a puppet master, which he is not supposed to do He is really just flirting with Luisa and seeing what she will do Wouldn t life be easier if we could just write the dialogue for other people Your spouse, your friends, your coworkers If only we could stop time, our own fermata key, and scrub out an errant response and just rewrite it, but then life would be a novel where all the dialogue is pitch perfect Conversations are very messy Think of the fumbling around and miscues that lead to misunderstandings Sometimes it is hours later before our minds conjure up wha
Masterfully intriguing and told using a seductive and challenging narrative, Javier Marias goes from sentence to dazzling sentence that reaches deep within the human psyche to reveal a family s past shrouded in mystery, where questions that are asked leads to unsettling hostilities, all the while exploring themes of love, desire and the good and bad side of marriage.And it s marriage that sits somewhat uncomfortably in the foreground in A Heart so White Marias examines the commonplace yet peculiar institution of marriage and all its attendant secrets and betrayals Taking a newly wed couple and delving into a history that s best left well alone Juan is a newlywed translator who shuttles between the UN in New York and the Hague for six to eight weeks at a time, while his young bride Luisa, also a translator, remains behind in Madrid to establish their home together In Juan s absence she develops a close relationship with her enigmatic father in law, a charismatic art dealer named Ranz who appears younger than his years and has a don
I have done the deed Did you hear a noise MACBETH , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 5 . There are so many layers to this book You have to be willing to give it time, especially in the first third or so, when Mar as writes long, intricate, sentences that fold back on themselves, with parentheses within parentheses Through this style, Mar as presents the thoughts and interpretations of the protagonist, Juan, a translator who describes himself as committed, almost addicted, to understanding all he hears, all he sees, everything around him Juan has recently married another translator, Luisa, and throughout the novel he strives to understand his father s secrets, while also exploring the meaning in the stories, secrets, and silences if his relationships with Luisa, with his father, with the past.The key to the novel is the title, A Heart So White, which is taken from Macbeth Mar as threads the line, and the play, throughout the novel, as Juan questions the culpability in listening to someone tell a dangerous secret What power lies in telling stories, both in words and in silences Once we hear their secrets, are we destined to repeat the sins of our parents I found the pacing of the novel excellent, especially in the last quarter, when Mar as picks up the pacing and leaves the reader almost breathless I am trying to avoid telling much of the plot, as much of the power of the novel lies in opening yourself up to being surprised, wanting to hear characters secrets and dreading them at the same time Mar as also develops different threads of the novel that all co
Very unusual story about betrayal and confession Set in the deeply catholic countries of Spain and Cuba, it argues that too much knowledge between lovers and spouses destroys love I wonder if that is true It reminds me of Jeanette Winterson s thoughts in The Passion, where she reflects on the theme that between sex and fear, passion lies Too much familiarity, trust and knowledge would thus by default make passion disappear The same idea is repeated in Written on the Body, where boredom is the enemy of love It is a very interesting thought that every person, regardless of how much he or she loves and trusts another person, needs a privat
What do I wish to hear About the present The past, may be Or a little tune on the waiting future Do I wish to eavesdrop on my best friend to find out what she thinks of me when I am not around Am I tempted to open a letter addressed to my partner with no overt allusion to my name or salutation on the envelope Am I inclined to return to an unknown place just so I can hear a random conversation complete in my mind Do I wish to pause a few seconds longer at the traffic so I can hear the banter in the adjacent car Am I willing to take that pain Am I willing to take that time Am I willing to listen Javier Mar as tale is the silence that bids its time between two words, it is the unscrupulous clock that ticks for one and cheats another, it is the nebulous doubt that lies suspended between the free and the bound An instigation is nothing but words, translatable, ownerless words that are passed from voice to voice and from language to language and from century to century, always the same, provoking people again and again to the same act for as long as there have been people and languages and ears in the world to hear them For
My hands are of your color but I shameTo wear a heart so white William Shakespeare, MacbethTime keeps on moving at an indifferent pace and yet it keeps on changing every second, every day, and every year Since we all are busy living, we attach little importance to the things happened and the words spoken in the past as most of the times we are under the impression that it doesn t hold the power to change our present or affect our future not devastatingly at least Certainly there are poetic terms like nostalgia, longing, regrets, et al, which we all cherish despite the happiness or sadness they cause, but then there is truth of the past, which is not exactly cherished The definitions of truth we associate with the past usually arise from the following two sources that we ve witnessed that truth or we ve been told that truth We hardly question the truth behind that truth which we ve been told because we see no reason for doing so and primarily we don t see any reason as to why somebody would lie to us or keep any secrets And one day, without any warning we re forced to confront all these questions we thought were limited to the lives of others as for us, we were always normal Time slows down and is no longer indifferent It longs to tell us something , something different or something , something that would change our lives forever Past is no longer inconsequential as we hit upon the fact that it holds the key to the moments which shaped the identities of those w
Marias n ciddi anlamda beyin h cresi olmak istiyorum.En Giri k sm ndan sonuna kadar temponun s rekli artt bir d nsel ve edebi len B y k konu uyorum, Marias sevmeyen ve sevmiyorum diyen bir edebiyat okuru ya edebi anlamda daha olgunla mam t r ya da d nme eylemini geri plana atm t r Bu kadar vd kten, konu ok k sa olarak i inde buldu umuz anlarda istemeden kulak misafiri oldu umuz kulak r ntgencili inin gidebilece i son durum Ana karakterimiz bir evirmen Kar s n n Balay esnas nda rahats zlanmas esnas nda kald hotelde ba lamaktad r Marias o kadar psikanalitik g ndermeler dahilinde olu turuyor ki kitab n ak n , ana karakterinin de evirmen olmas kitab n alt metinlerine inan
This book is not easy to read, but for me it is one of the highlights of the new Spanish literature Linguistically, it is formulated excellently, but presented in getting used to long sentences It begins very dramatically and captivating Then at the end the bow closes and you understand the beginning In between, there are some digressions that do not quite thematically fit the book, but still represent nice literary excursions The plot comes in several strands together, which are d
Un gioco di incastriMar as scrive senza regole, senza attenersi a nessun copione, abbandonandosi ad una fiume di pensieri vagando apparentemente senza una met precisa Sembra non conoscere il punto d arrivo e neppure il peso che i personaggi hanno nella narrazione I personaggi, nella loro ambiguit , si sovrappongono, si identificano, fino a confondersi, i fatti accaduti in momenti differenti si incastrano con tempismo perfetto La costruzione del romanzo perfetta, niente lasciato al caso Le mie mani sono del tuo stesso colore, ma mi vergogno di avere un cuore cos bianco Il titolo tratto da una citazione di Shakespeare, le parole che Lady Macbeth rivolge al marito che si appena macchiato di un omicidio Il bianco non visto come simbolo di purezza e innocenza, quanto piuttosto come desiderio di sottrarsi a ogni responsabilit Sapere ci costringe a scegliere, ci obbliga a intervenire, a diventare responsabili Un cuore cos bianco lo ha non l innocente, ma colui che, ignaro della realt degli eventi, non ne stato ancora contagiato.Juan, il protagonista, non vuole conoscere per non essere parte delle colpe degli altri Lentamente sar condotto dalla moglie Luisa alla consapevolezza tramite una indagine psicologica su s stesso, raccontando la sua vita in modo a volte ossessivo Il libro una profonda e molteplice riflessione sul segreto, la per

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