Captive Heart

Captive Heart A Warrior Born And Raised, Helena Of Rivenloch Is Desperate To Save Her Youngest Sister From A Fate Worse Than Death Marriage After Trying And Failing To Murder The Groom, She Does The Next Best Thing She Takes His Right Hand Knight, The Dashing Colin Du Luc, As Her Hostage This one was my favorite of this great series I read this one first, but the first book in the series, Lady Danger, covers the same time period from a different point of view I read them back to back because I loved this one so much, but Lady Danger seem
I do tend to shy away from Medieval Romances because I have found that they can be too brutal to find romantic Heroes are often too quick to issue a slap to bend the will of their heroine, or to use rough sex as a control technique Not my cup of tea I found Captive Heart to a be an enjoyable afternoon read A well developed romance, witty banter and a lot of passion diluted any of the violent elements that there were The hero never even considered using his fists to ensure that Helena to I do tend to shy away from M
As the novel s blurb indicates, Helena is a Warrior Maiden of Rivenloch and the only thing worse than a rusty sword is a husband When her father arranges a marriage between a Norman named Pagan yeah, Pagan and her younger sister Mirial, Helena and her other sister Deidre insist that one of them must marry Pagan instead Why I don t know Apparently, because Miriel is too cute Obviously, Captive Heart is part of a series book two and probably best read as such.Deidre wins the honor of ma As the novel s blurb indicates, Helena is a Warrior Maiden of Rivenloch and the only thing worse than a rus
La historia de Helena, se solapa con la de la entrega anterior, la de su hermana Deirdre con Pagan, avanzando un poco m s, en el tiempo, ha sido agradable saber un poco m s del castillo escoc s asediado.Sigo con la intriga mentira cochina, porque me lo spoile de qui n era la sombra, as que en este libro seguimos sin descubrirlo, pero en el siguiente ya lo haremos, por fin.Aunque todas las historias de tira y afloja con personajes fuertes me apasionan, tengo que decir que al haber le do tanta La historia de Helena, se solapa c
The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch experience their worst invasion ever men who want to marry them In order to save her younger sister from the horrors of marriage, the heroine tries to kill the groom, only to be caught by the poor man s best friend Super Warrior Somehow the heroine manages to change the tables and kidnaps Super Warrior in the hopes of preventing the marriage Of course, things don t go quite as she plans, and she spends a little longer than is believable thinking that mar
A tale of bravery and romance from a time when romance was not only common, but required to get the girl of your dreams For all you romantic book lovers, this is a must I myself am not a big fan of romance novels, but this 3 part series has a special place in my heart I am not a big review writ
Well, it s not the most innovated romance books, or even the most accuratebut I liked it and went ahead and read it in one day I might try reading the other books, but it might be awhile, it s not a series that makes me want to run out and grab the next one immediately. this book was really great. Who said women are the weaker sex Take three sisters one annoying groom, a kidnapped best friend, and a very weird sense of humor and that is this book i really liked it. It s a series and should be read in order I enjoyed this short Scottish series because the women all new how to defend themselves they were warriors Neat read and nice to see something different in this genre from time to time This author also writes under the name Glynnis Campbell. Very funny, and as well written as the first A page turner.

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