Abduction (The Ishadarian Saga, #1)

Abduction (The Ishadarian Saga, #1) Besh Abducts The Beautiful Woman Before Him Without A Second Thought, Knowing Her To Be His Mate He Drops Her Off At The Nearest Planet In The Realm, Trying To Give Her Time To Come To Terms With Her Fate Lord Fatel Is Charged With Tutoring Kaya In The Ways Of His Society, Yet Is Drawn To Her Like A Moth To A Flame He Faces Death If He Touches Her, Yet He Thinks Of Nothing Else Faced With A Whole New World And A Whole New World Of Feelings, Kaya S Journey Is Filled With Decadence, Passion, And Beauty. So deserving of 5 stars This story had some twists n turns, that really surprised me, its been a page turner, and very erotic kaya abducted from earth by a General Alien because he thinks she maybe his mate It was lust at first smell for him as Kayas scent over powered him This little earthling prooves to all she is made from very strong stuff, and rightly deserves her new role on this Alien planet.Kaya needs a teacher Lord Fatel, to instruct her in the ways of this new world.they are so attracted to each other, but Kaya is to be the Generals mate if she will have him When she develops feeling for both who will she choose, she c
Ashira Datya s Review Don t be fooled by the title Abduction is not about some poor woman who is abducted and tortured before falling victim of Stockholm Syndrome The story begins in a small town on Earth, in an area that is very warm where an alien invasion force is patrolling for insurgents that would fight against the new ruling force of Earth The platoon of alien soldiers stop inside a diner to find food and drink to help keep them hydrated Here, Besh, the general in charge finds his mate, an Earth woman named Kaya Besh takes Kaya to another colony planet so that she can be educated on the ways of the empire Besh serves before deciding if she will mate with him or if she wishes to be returned to Earth and back to her life Kaya s teacher is a man named Lord Fatel and it is his job to instruct her on the ritual Sini mon a period of an Earth month where the would be mates are kept apart while the woman learns about the man and decides or not if she wants to mate with him or not During her training, Kaya and Fatel have to fight to keep from giving into the emotional connection they share or
Stars 4.5Overall What a wonderful alien adventure, I couldn t get enough of this book When things first started out I was a little confused as to what was going on and if Besh was actually going to be a good guy or a mean guy that you had to warm up to But the second that Kaya woke it , it was like a dream fantasy come true I was a little thrown off with the tutor , especially since he was a man and some of the things Mr Fatal and Kaya did were dirty and I would think it would be considered chea
Besh and Kaya are soul mates from different planets Besh is the first one to learn that Kaya is destined to be his mate, but the Earthling, Kaya, is reluctant to believe in fate.She is abducted and brought to Besh s planet where she ll be trained for a month before making the decision to accept Besh or not.During this time she falls in love with two men, the new world and the people around her.There is an exciting twist in the story,
I really enjoyed this story, much than I thought I would My only beef is with the way Kaya talks Her syntax is confusing At times, she sounds incredibly formal, like she was from another era, but then she mentions the Internet or something It was very jolting for me and it bothered me
Another abduction but this i could not finish A pet peeve of mine is shouting heroines, keep those cap locked outburst away from me, it makes me wonder how old the heroine is when there s these teenage shouts sigh Did not feel any
Abduction The Ishadarian Saga, 1 Good just wanted it to be longer A lot happened in the last 30 pages or so. A good read but just not as engaging as some of this author s works I ve read previously A few interesting twist and turns and Besh and Lord Fatel are as sexy as you could want. Great first book in a new series I really enjoy hot, steamy Sci Fi Futuristic and look forward to the next issue