Always Listen to Your Mother

Always Listen to Your Mother Ernest Always Does What His Mother Asksand Never Has Any Fun When A New Boy Moves In Next Door, Ernest S Mother Encourages Her Son To Make Friends But The New Neighbors Seem A Little Bitstrange Monstrous, Even Obeying Ernest S New Friend Vlapid S Mother Means Ernest Must Do Things He D Never Dare Try At Home And It S Fantastic Veteran Children S Book Author Florence Parry Heide And Her Daughter Roxanne Heide Team Up With Kyle M Stone To Create A Gleefully Subversive Take On The Traditional New Neighbor Story Lots Of Energy And Mayhem, And A Cool Gothic Approach To The Illustrations Make This A Great Choice For Halloween And All Year Round. Creepy little story about a lonely little boy whose controlling, clean freak mother allows him to play with the ghoulish new neighbor boy because he always listens to his mother They have fun trashing the place The illustrations are very effective and I would have given it another star had
I discovered this book while shopping for presents for our girls during a business trip The title certainly caught my eye and the cover illustrations were intriguing The story is certainly entertaining and has an underlying nuance of the little boy being naughty without technically disobeying Ernest is such a straight laced little boy that it was quite humorous to see him let loose and discover his wild side The illustrations are entertaining and quite creepy, too I love that Ernest s mother encourages his friendship with his odd neighbors despite their differences Although I think perhaps that she was just completely unaware of the strange nature of the house and family, and in that case, I would consider her behavior somewhat neglectful Overall, I thought this was a fun story that depicts different styles of parenting Both of the moms in this book are wild exagger
Delightful Ernest is a very good boy who always listens to his mother, although it is a little boring to be so good and helpful all the time But, when a ratherunusual family moves in next door and Ernest goes to meet the little boy, it seems like adventures and fun are finally at hand I won t say because I think the fun and cleverness in the book, and what made it work for me, is in how the authors managed to let Ernest have fun in new ways, to have his little monster friend be authentically monstrous while also good and all this without totally disregarding their mothers wishes This could have been a bit disastrous in the message for kids, but I think it was handled well Some parents may wish to have a discussion with their children about when it is okay to do something different than they would do at home if it is permissible at a friend s house, but also that there are some rules that should never be broken, no matter where While this book doesn
Ernest always listen to his mother and being that she is a good mother she keeps the house clean and allows Ernest to play with the new boy in the neighborhood But there is a twist Although the neighbor boy is a good influence because he always listen to his mother, things are
Ernest is a young boy who always does what his mother says Will anything change when a new boy moves in next door Ernest is a good little boy always listening to his mother He eats his brocolli, goes to bed on time, and never whines, dwadles or talks back He helps his mother with the housework His life is quite ordinary and dull Until a new family moves in, a vampirish, ghoulish type of family Vlapid the new little boy also does everything his mother says, but is entirely opposite of what Ernest knows They swing on chandeliers and write on walls Ernest s mom says he can play with Vlapid everyday, not knowing the type of play they really do The story has a great setup of the two characters and the conflict that could arise when Ernest s mom finds out what the new family s rules of the house are However Ernest s mom never does, hence the second half of the book was a let down Kind of felt like only half a book.The illustrations a
I liked this book in a strange sort of way The main character follows all of his mother s directions Good mothers do this and good children do that Then the boy visits a new neighbor who also follows all of his mother s directions But there is a slight twist A fun book with great illustrations. The illustrations are the key to this somewhat weird book If you are to read it without looking at the illustrations it would not make much sense It does follow the trend of well known authors collaboratin
If the writing has been as fantastic as the illustrations this would have been a 5 star book Cute story but the pictures were the best part. Oh, I thought this sounded good to read to my children, but then I there is a big turn in the story.

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  • Always Listen to Your Mother
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  • English
  • 07 January 2018
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