Not My Daughter

Not My DaughterWhen Susan Tate S Seventeen Year Old Daughter, Lily, Announces She Is Pregnant, Susan Is Stunned A Single Mother, She Has Struggled To Do Everything Right She Sees The Pregnancy As An Inconceivable Tragedy Both For Lily And Herself Then Comes Word Of Two Pregnancies Among Other High School Juniors Who Happen To Be Lily S Best Friends The Town Turns To Talk Of A Pact As Fingers Start Pointing, The Emotional Ties Between Mothers And Daughters Are Stretched To Breaking In An Emotionally Wrenching Story Of Love And Forgiveness. Although I have heard good things about Barbara Delinsky, I wasn t thoroughly impressed with her writing and I probably won t read from her I feel like I didn t gain a thing out of this book The premise was appealing to me pregnancy pact but the book was really about what defines a good mother Which, as a mother myself, is also an appealing topic, but I just wasn t feeling this book It went on and on about the same thing for countless pages Even the epilogue was too drawn out The characters were annoying There was no depth to them, and the story mainly consisted of boring dialogue Susan s relationship with her mother was ridiculous Like the woman held a grudge for nearly 20 years because her daughter got pregnant, is a total bitch to her but Susan continues to call her and then miraculously decides to be kind in the last few
The premice for this story was intriguing though highly unlikely Four 17 yr old girls from good families make a pact to all become pregnant at the same time This isn t a spoiler comment, because it occurs in the first few chapters They don t want husbands, just babies For no apparent reason Which is what makes the girls unsympathetic protagonists How can we feel sorry for those self destructive immature idiots Of course, they can t support themselves, so they expect to live with their families of origin while they enjoy the pleasures of motherhood sans responsibilities and without being bothered by intrusive husbands.The book is centered on their mothers reactions to the pregnancies They agonize about them endlessly Their own reputations are tarnished, partic
I really enjoyed this book I felt as though it was well written and well developed Although the novel featured several characters, it was clear and not confusing Each character clearly had their own thoughts and feelings The plot was an interesting one and I enjoyed the novel t
This book is awful.There I said it It s painfully, horribly, disgustingly awful.The biggest problem with this book is that you have ZERO sympathy for any of the main characters The premise is that a group of girls enters into this pregnancy pact so they can have babies together What the book is actually about is how one of the mothers deals with it And deals with it And deals with it For hundreds of pages.The author makes it impossible to feel sympathy or commiseration with the girls in the book who actually got pregnant In addition, there is almost zero time with any of them, especially the two friends of the main pregnant girl, trying to figure out WHY they did what they did The most confusing part is that these girls, who are touted as the LAST ones anyone would expect to get pregnant , are constantly described as so responsible and so smart Yet they display COMPLETE lack of understanding when they finally tell their parents and their parents are not thrilled with the situation They act completely bewildered as to why their parents aren t happy for them You honestly have to wonder if they are mentally handicapped, especially when the ma
Ripped from the headlines, but with no depth The characters were all very superficial and rather unbelievable The perspective shifts between so many people that there s no time to develop enough of a backstory to make you feel like you knew any of them The extent to which Susan s job was imperiled by the pregnancy pact was not believable Why didn t she fight back sooner And THEN after focusing on the job angle for the whole book, that whole storyline just gets dropped at the end, with barely a mention of what happens to her position The other main problem with this book it was all dialogue You can t just tell us Show us Maybe if Delinsky could have shown us how conservative the town is, I would have believed her Instead she just threw out the words traditional and responsibility a lot How exactly is a town known for its citizens responsibility Dumb.Also, I thought the resolution as a whole was overly rosy Yay, everyone gets to have a baby, the families are all happy,
What constitutes a good mother How much responsibility must a mother take for her daughter s poor choices These are the issues at the root of Not My Daughter Susan Tate is a single mom to her seventeen year old daughter Lily She had her own daughter at seventeen, her parents threw her out, and she has had to struggle alone for all these years She has made something of her life and stubbornly clings to the hard won control over her life She is the principal at her daughter s school At age thirty five, she is the youngest principal to ever lead here.But then she is blindsided by her daughter, pregnant at seventeen Within weeks, her two best friends are also pregnant and a pact is revealed.Suddenly fingers are pointing, questions are raised, a media storm is brewingand Susan fears that her job will be terminated.Her own best friends whose daughters are also pregnant are seemingly her only support system.But in
I found this book to be exhausting and very frustrating The insipid behavior of the girls in this book was just ridiculous It is a baby, not a puppy or a stuffed animal Then.the whole pact issue.It s a pact No, it s not a pack Yes, it is a pact Well, maybe it is a pack behavior At one point, who cares The only part that made sense to me was Abby s reasoning for starting the pact I could understand her thought process.but as for the rest of themthey should have gotten a puppy for compan
I usually like Barbara Delinsky, and I did read this book to the end, but I thought it was pretty flat The characters were underdeveloped and not real Maybe my problem is that I just can t understand how teen aged girls could enter into a pregnancy pact in the first place, b
Three bright, college bound teens make a pact to become pregnant and have babies News of the pact is quickly leaked by one of the friends The community s anger and disappointment is soon turned on one of the mothersalso the principal of the highschool The mother having been pregnant herself at seventeen but still making a successful life.The story drew me in when I wondered, What the heck were they thinking And thenpft, what they were thinking was never really explained The girls decided after a summer of babysitting that they, as mature 17 year old girls, could be better mothers than the ones they worked for Also it seemed so fun to have something of your own I would like to offer up that a kitten would have been a better choice.The book had its points The mothers did question their culpability in the situation, wondering if they had parented wrong And as far as the book describes, they probably didn t, but it is a question asked by most parents It was just a foolish pact between the girls Once the gossip mill started there were some hard times It described fairly well what it can be like in
I have a confession I feel mean writing the review I m about to write.I have a feeling that Delinsky is one of those bestselling authors who is bound by contract to produce a book every year or at least every other year The books sell because the fans are loyal, but the quality of the writing suffers.The premise is compelling Three teenage girls, best friends since childhood, have become pregnant They have taken a pact to get pregnant and raise their children themselves, sans the fathers One of the girls is the daughter of their small town high school principal, herself a never married single mother Coincidentally, the principal was the same age as her daughter when she became pregnant The pregnancies begin rumors, and the principal s detractors accuse her of not being a good mother and perhaps not the right role model for the teenagers Timely, provocative, thought provoking topics.Here s the rub The writing quality isn t very good Maybe it s my pickiness as a writer, but the prose seemed second rate Too much backstory dumped in the first few pages, too much telling rather than showing, that sort of thing On the

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