Singer from the Sea

Singer from the SeaA Good And Proper Aristocrat On The Isolated, Seemingly Backward Planet Of Haven, Genevieve Has Been Carefully Instructed In The Covenants The Ancient, Inflexible Laws Governing The Women Of Her Class She Knows What Is Expected Of Her Marriage In Her Mid Twenties To A Groom Of Her Father S Choosing, Childbirth At Age Thirty And Then Soon Afterwards As Has Been The Lot Of So Many Noblewomen Before Her Perhaps Death But There Is Another Genevieve Within Who Longs To Heed The Call Of The Sea Though She Has Never Once Seen The Vast Waters That Cover Most Of Her Homeworld S Surface For An Unheard Voice Is Crying Out To Her Across The Centuries, Drawing Her Ever Closer To A Terrible Truth Hidden Beneath A Smoke Screen Of Rules, Tradition, And Propriety And It Is Genevieve Who Must Fulfill A Forgotten Destiny Something Inborn Passed For Untold Generations From Daughter To Daughter Or She And The Entire Civilization Of Haven Will Be Swept Away On A Cosmic Wave Of Oblivion. A fairly conventional sci fi story of a colony world seeking to save itself and redeem its inhabitants Haven is an interesting world, earth like enough to attract sympathy and foreign enough to be mysterious There are some entertaining characters, too, though mostly they fall into typical categories lonely heroine, selfish bastard father, corrupt politicians, kooky minor characters who keep the plot going forward While I enjoy considering the philosophical questions these types of stories raise, I can t say I necessarily agree with the philosophy theology this book espouses, and I take issue with the straw man argument set up for it I d have to say the plot is the strength of this story the mystery of the missing women and the secret of Haven kept me turning the pages, even when I found the major characters flat or annoying from time to time Not that the mystery was very surprising in the end it is too formula
I grabbed this from my shelves of to read books for a trip I d spend largely at sea I ve read many Tepper novels over the years, and I m starting to see some repeating themes the future post technology fantasy worlds where people have reverted back to nature, yet there are people from other worlds involved and usually some kind of fantastical creature This isn t as bad as it was in A Plague of Angels and The Waters Rising, which felt like she had thrown every possible theme or trope ever invented into one epic que
Not Tepper s best but still excellent has definite feminist, environmentalist, anti racism, and anti classist vibes My favorite quote from it Each world has a song that is begun with the first life on a world, a song that sounds within the world to foster life and variation All living creatures are a part of the song which shall be sung forever, until the last star goes out But sometimes living creatures do not wish to be part of th
Ms Tepper is starting to repeat herself, but I couldn t possibly care Her bizarre, post apocalyptic feminism is my lullaby. The classic horror tale, Good Lady Ducayne meets Whale Rider On an alien planet.Yep, that about sums it up This was a re read I couldn t remember if I d read it before, but it d been long enough that it was still very enjoyable This is Sheri Tepper, so, as one might expect, planets have sentient spirits, women are oppressed in creepy and disturbing ways by evil and powerful men, and a heroine figh
great feminist scifi fantasy I started off enjoying this book The first few chapters were intriguing, with an engaging main character, Genevieve is a thoughtful, serious, loyal girl, and I was looking forward to following her story But pretty soon the story changed and became something that felt very like a first draft Exposition, long, slow, repetitive exposition with patches of over wrought description, and lashings of didactic allegorical preaching.I m not fond of the sci fi fantasy trope where entire worlds or entire peoples share characteristics for example the hyper masculine arians, and the hugely problematic faux arabian tribe with the evil sounding call to prayer who treat their women badly I mean how does that society work at all How do the boys learn to speak, if the women aren t allowed to speak the men s language I kept being pulled out of the story by th
This is a classic sci fi fantasy and I really enjoyed the style It s basically a well written environmental fantasy hiding inside a feminist story.Right from the beginning we know there is some mysterious bad thing going on, and Genevieve, our heroine, will be the one to find out what it is and stop it.At about 50% we pretty much know what it is, and it s so outrageous that I thought no on would do that , but then I think of the many cruel and self
loved this book the writing and the characters were vivid and I felt drawn in throughout the entire book Having asked my husband to take the kids to the library for me, my daughter Grace who is 11 decided to pick a book out for me to read, all on her own When I read the flap, I wasn t all too keen on it, since I felt I had left fantasy books behind long ago.But boy, am I glad she chose this one Now I remember why I loved fantasy novels when I was a young girl This novel is sweeping and epic and vivid At first, it s a little difficult to determine who s who and what exactly is going on, but once Tepper gets going, she weaves a stupendous yarn.I found it unique and refreshing that Tepper chose to make her heroine a descendant of the Maori tribe here on Earth, and while I am not familiar with the mythology or culture of the Maoris, it seems as though she may have borrowed quite a bit from them I am all for inclusive stories Ultimately, this book is a retelling of the classic flood narrative, which I also found interesting.This is definitely my favorite kind of fantasy sci fi novel Here is a world with limited technology that we learn later was colonized by people escaping the total destruction of Earth, which brings to mind the books of Pern by Anne McCaffrey But at the same time, this new world and its neighboring worlds are also facing eradication

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