Right Ascension

Right Ascension Set In The Year 3040, Right Ascension Examines Mankind S Place In The Universe, How We Ascended To That Lofty Position, And The Horrifying Price Of That Ascension Humanity S Position Of Political And Technological Dominance Within The Galaxy Is Suddenly Shattered When A Sleek Alien Vessel Arrives Unexpectedly At Earth Admiral Daniel Atgard And The Crew Of The Apocalypse Embark On A Mission To Find These Enigmatic Aliens, But The Focus Of The Mission Quickly Turns From Finding Answers To Exacting Revenge Meanwhile, A Belligerent Species Of Reptilian Warriors, Seeking To Avenge A Previous Defeat At The Hands Of The Human Controlled United Confederation Of Planets, Takes This Opportunity To Plan An All Out Assault On Earth Faced With Overwhelming Odds And The Terrible Knowledge Of Mankind S Most Horrifying Secret, Daniel Must Choose Between Honor And Humanity S Very Survival. Opera prima centrada en la Space Opera militar G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta En el siglo XXXI, Chad Steven es un teniente reci n salido de la Academia y destinado junto a varios de sus compa eros al servicio de cazas de escolta de la nave m s grande, famosa y poderosa de la flota, llamada Indomitable, responsable junto al resto del despliegue militar humano de la primac a de la Tierra y sus opiniones dentro de una confederaci n de planetas que engloba seres no humanos El almirant
David Derrico is a prime example of an underrated indie author His first novel, Right Ascension, is masterfully brought to life by his ability to paint visions with is command of the English language The book starts out with a couple of rookie pilots who have just graduated their training and have arrived at their first duty station These characters are a very small part of the story saying how small would be a spoiler In the short time these characters appear, Derrico manages to make you care so much for their lives and relationships, you d almost think the whole book was about them.Great character description aside, this story is phenomenal My favorite thing about science fiction is the idea of space travel and visiting other worlds Derrico s imagination and detail of the worlds explored by Daniel Atgard and his crew excited me to no end This is definitely one of those books that keep you up late, night after
The book is a space opera It shows in the plot, characters and science of the book I enjoyed it but I can understand why some reviewers said that it was a Star Trek ripoff There are a lot of similarities but just as many differences Sometimes, these similarities hurt the story The writing style is good but there are parts where the story bogs down Most of these occur when the author does telling than showing I found myself skipping or glossing over some of these sections The characters, especially Admiral Daniel, are larger than life For this kind of story, it works I found myself wanting to know about several crew members of the Apocalypse and the main antagonist In some cases, I had to go back and read through a section I had skipped or skimmed over The plot, though multi layered, is easy to follow There is one anti climatic moment involving the main antagonist that could have been handled better The minor problems I pointed out did not ruin my
Right Ascension Edge of Apocalypse By David DerricoI won t say I loved this and I won t say I hated it It sort of falls between and definitely falls short of what I expected from the description And unfortunately it s one of a few that I have to agree with the assessment of many that it seems like a rewrite of some of the popular Sci Fi out there But if you enjoy the lighter softer side of Sci Fi it can be an enjoyable read.Perhaps the biggest problem for many people who found objection is that it doesn t quite live up to the standards of those softer lighter Sci Fi and even the description it gives itself.I think also it was a bit jarring to have it start the first chapter with two characters that were probably the most engaging characters and then kill them off immediately That s a bit of a spoiler and I m sorry, but this is an important difficulty with this story Chad and Krystal have this thing two hotshot pilots that are almost on opposite ends of some dipole and yet have this potential chemistry I got invested in these two and felt really bad when the rug was pulled Having that happen somehow negated the sympathy I should have felt for the characters who lost these two people Well in this case the one who lost Chad since there is no back or forward story involving Krystal The writing is not bad There is always room for improvement, but honestly it was not anything I felt needed massive amounts of work It was go
I judge my science fiction on a modified version of the Baen criteria the scientific advances future technology needs to be somewhat believable, if there are aliens they need to be presented in some realistic format with names I can pronounce in my head while I read, and must have some type of plot with circumstances good or bad with their resolution I can get my head around, believe, and be interested in turning to the next page to learn that s quite a mouthful, but we ve all read a lot of bad science fiction over the years.With all that being said, this book hits it on most fronts I can t pronounce the names of the alien races.I literally had a hard time putting this one down and stayed up really late one night to finish it and paid for it the next day The author does a great job of explaining in somewhat layman s terms th
Right Ascension by David Derrico is an action packed science fiction novel that takes place in the year 3040 Chad Atgard recently graduates from the Confederation Academy and his excitement and pride extends to his family, especially to his father, Admiral Daniel Atgard Chad, and certain cadets from the Academy, board the Indomitable the largest, fastest, most powerful starship in the galaxy The fact that it is so has kept peace in space, at least as it so appearsSomething unthinkable happens, and then Daniel Atgard becomes determined to stop an alien species that wants to destroy Earth Daniel leads his team of flight officers through the universe to discover the origin of the aliens, as well as to find them, in order to keep them from achieving their goal Daniel and his team experience many adventures on their way to finding out the truth about the aliens, so that they can try to eliminate the aliens spaceship Right Ascension is full of action and adventure and is a natural page turner It is realistic in the sense that rarely anything happens as planned, which also makes it an exciting read The unique qualities of the book being in the faraway future and having both friendly and evil aliens make it a one of a kind book The characters are unique individuals
well finished the book, and I liked it It was good, well written, good language the plot was interesting as it was of a moral iniquities style plot than your average scifi novel, similar in vein to early star trek as has been mentioned in other reviews. What I dont think is fair though is how some of these reviews have labelled it as obviously predictable. if you pick up any sci fi or fantasy novel you can label it predictable , obviously, as in the end the good guys win. the difference is how they win, and how the author leads us to the inevitable Thats what stories are Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this book, considering the last free sci fi book I downloaded was nothing short of abysmal I m going to download the sequal asap, as I really want to see where David goes with this story Thanks David fo
This book starts from the perspective of a newly christened pilot in Earth s Confederation He s excited about his post and how his father, Admiral Daniel Atgard will be proud Then an alien spaceship appears and vaporizes him, the moon sized vessel on which he s based and threatens the very future of all humanity The reader follows the exploits of a very pissed off Daniel Atgard and his crew as they attempt to neutralize the threat of annihilation Turns out an ancient alien race has passed judgement on humans because they destroyed an entire alien race themselves with a very powerful and deadly weapon No matter that it was war This is a morality tale told through the perspectives of some very strong and well developed characters The battle scenes keep the pace fast movi
I thought this was a pretty darn good book, well written and an interesting story line with a few unexpected plot twists.The author took an interesting approach at the start, introducing a character, getting you thinking that this was going to be the main character, one you d follow as they grew into their new career as a space fighter jock Then he s killed With his father watching on It s the father that s the main character I kept thinking that maybe the killing was something else, that maybe the kid would come back somehow, but nope Dead as in dead.The father fights a number of against all odds battles, kicking ass in a very Capt Kirk like manner and saves the day in the endYou know how I like to whine about the science in space based science fiction Well t
I have to say, I really didn t care for this book much The theme of the ethics of using WMDs is a good idea but it was never really developed deeply It was bad to use them against the Korgians even though they were attacking us, but okay to use them against the Lucani Ibron because they were attacking us What I would go along for a while and be into the story and then something would happen to make me roll my eyes.I found the chapter where they confront the evil traitor Le Jaunte just bizarre I thought I had wandered into an Ian Flemi

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