The Cottage

The Cottage Jill And Carrie Both Married With Teenage Children Meet One Day During Jill S Lunch Break At A Local Park Soon A Friendship Is Forged A Friendship That Deepens With Each Visit Jill S Husband Still Lives And Breathes The Coach S Life, A Life That Leaves Him Little Time To Spare For Jill Left On Her Own And , Jill Finds Herself Searching For The Indefinable Something That Has Been Missing All Her Life Married To A Successful Businessman, Carrie Howell Retired Early From A Career In Real Estate To Spend Time With Her Teenage Boys, And To Pursue Her Lone Passion Painting She, Too, Has Felt For Some Time That Something Is Missing From Her World The Cottage Is The Story Of Two Women Pulled By A Force Stronger Than Their Marriages, Stronger Than Themselves The Story Of Jill And Carrie Two Women One Love. This is my 26th book by Gerri Hill I was reluctant to read this book because it is affair between two married woman with kids But, I was wrong judging it without reading This story is so painful from beginning to end Every full time working mom has the problem spending time with family, in this case Jill is working from 8 5 pm but not everyone is this lucky and its also quite common that everyone is quick to blame this is kind of mothers as an irresponsible parent Its story about loneliness This is my 26th book by Gerri Hill I was reluctant to read this book because it is affair between two married woman w
Now this is how you write a novella Hill does an impressive job drawing the reader into the lives of Jill and Carrie and gives them an uber romantic spot for us to watch their relationship develop Getting out of a marriage that is not a good fit is never easy and the author does a good job of showing the ripples that an affair can have in the lives of the immediate fami
I don t really like sad stories, but this one was OK, if predictable. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here So here s the thing I don t have an issue with an author killing off one of the main characters when that death is central to the story itself If the story absolutely needs the character to die to work In most cases, that s when the story is about the characters death, how others deal with it, how their murder is solved, those sorts of things.In this book there was just no reason why Carrie had to die Take out the first chapter, have Jill and Carrie get
Wow This was a really good book Nice, sweet romance I didn t want to put it down, and it was a really quick read The ending was not the greatest in terms of how it ended , but the first chapter hints toward the ending So it was expected The author did a great job
I don t understand why people are giving this book a two I though it was great Although the ending was not what I was expecting, it was a great book Sure, the ending wasn t the your typical happily ever after, but it was a good ending even though it wasn t the typical happily e
For writing quality and how well she builds the growing relationship, this book is at least a 4.5 stars However, for she same reasons as many other reviewers gave this book, the rating comes down for the unsatisfying ending. Sweet, I guess, and mostly sad. Whew I liked the book but be warned it can be a bit on the heavy side I did enjoy it however. I knew she was going to die in the end, I just didn t actually think it was going to happen Very sad story And that mother in law, argh She was really something But the book I read actually had 175 pages

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