The Last Camel

The Last Camel The Last Camel Is A Collection Of Stories About The People Who Live In A Little Village In Northern Somalia These Are Compelling Tales About African Spirits, Clever Women, Untouchable Midgaans, Sagacious Elders Who Struggle With Modern Technology, Bandits, And A Few Goats The Stories Are Embellished With Humor, Compassion, Prayer And Strength Each One Illustrates A Special Aspect Of Somali Culture The Tales Are Told By A Young American Peace Corps Teacher Who Lived Alone In The Village Of Arabsiyo In Northern Somalia In The Late 60s The Village Had No Electricity, No Telephone, No Reliable Water Supply, And Little Food Besides, It Was A Day Long Journey Over Treacherous Roads To A Town Of Any Size The Somali Villagers Who Were Born In Arabsiyo, And The American Who Came To Live Among Them, Struggled Mightily To Understand Each Other And The Changing World About Them The Book Reveals The Complex Hearts And Minds Of The Somali People Because It Was Written By A Young Woman Who Slept Among The Camels, Spoke The Language, Starved, Smiled, And Savored Life In Africa. Since I got this from the library I decided to read these stories The first one is very engaging like the way it s written I m ordering it again I only got through half of it Very good, yet sad I learned a lot about the peace corps view of Soma
great very helpful

[EPUB] ✿ The Last Camel  ❄ Jeanne D'Haem –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • The Last Camel
  • Jeanne D'Haem
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 1569020418