Entwined (Terran Times, #10)

Entwined (Terran Times, #10) A Terran Times Novel Theadora Has Waited Her Entire Life To Repair Her Soul, But She Knows That It Is An Impossibility Until She Meets Hathir And He Completes Her In A Way She Never Imagined. 3 stars.So it appears we ve had lots of alien ships surveying us over the years. In this one, an alien child actually switched half of his soul with an earth child during such a survey The odds to reunite the two as adults in space were astronomical but of cou
It was a little bit different compared to other story It started with Hathir as child was with his parents to check on Earth when he felt part of his soul gone and was exchanged with the heroine, Theadora This was a very interesting story for me and was a quick fun read. Two people from two different planets, will collide in the ultimate soul binding experienceThea is a very conservative type of character in that she works hard and leads a very independent life She s also very loyal to her friends, so when her two best friends declare their love for each other and decide to get married, she s immediately in maid of honor mode and all of the duties and responsibilities that that position entails If that means she has to engage in battle and singing competiti Two people from two different planets, will collid
When his parents space ship was passing through earth s area of space, part of Hathir s soul is exchanged with Theadora s when they are children Since earth is not approved for the outsiders to engage, his mother gets him training to survive and hope that he will be eventually unit