The Crazy Makers

The Crazy Makers An Unprecedented And Impeccably Reported Look At How American Food Manufacturers And Their Products May Be Endangering Our Minds With Obesity Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Worldwide Epidemics, And Manufactured Food Fueling That Trend, The Crazy Makers Is Timelier Than Ever This Updated Edition Includes A New Chapter On Autism, As Well As Revised Material That Illustrates Just How Much The Industry Has Changed In A Few Short Years Based On Extensive Research, Epidemiological Evidence, And A Formal Study Of Schoolchildren S Eating Habits, The Crazy Makers Identifies How The Latest Food Products May Be Literally Driving Us Crazy Carol Simontacchi Offers The Reader Nutritional Primers And Recipes To Help Counteract The Problems Facing Us And Our Children Every Time We Sit Down To Eat. recommended by Karin This is an unfortunate title for a really good book It sounds inflammatory and whiny, but it s full of good science on the detriments of processed foods and what they do The chapters are organized by age, starting with infants and ending with adults, followed
As a mother of an ADHD Child I am always looking and wondering if we can remove the medication and go natural food remedies or natural medications This book was interesting I do not feel the information given was adequate for child food intake I feel that section could have been greater The adult section only talks about 20 something year olds, nothing for an older generation to follow.I was not in agreement with the author stating teenagers need to take two dozen health vitam
After reading The China Study, this book just didn t measure up I think the chapter about breast feeding would be very worthwhile for a momma to be, and the introductory chapters are very good However, as I delved deeper into the book, I felt
This book makes some excellent points about the way fast food affects our brains That being said, I feel that the author comes off a little hoity toity in many areas, especially when talking about children s nutri
Junk science at its best.

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