Atlas of the Universe

Atlas of the Universe Atlas Of The Universe Is The Ultimate Reference To The Stars, Planets And Celestial Objects Using The Most Comprehensive Information Available.The Book Features The Latest Images From The Hubble Space Telescope, The Very Large Telescope, Mars Express, The Cassini Spacecraft And 2004 Huygens Probe Of Saturn And Titan The Stunning Images Are Explained With Clear And Detailed Text The Full Color Book Illustrates And Explains The Nature Of Every Category Of Celestial Object In A Clear And Concise Manner. Very very interesting indeed Sadly I didn t finish ALL of it but I read the majority The sky at night and all it s environs is synonymous with the name of Patrick Moore The editions of his Atlas of the Universe is highly indicative of this increasingly accelerating and expanding subject No sooner has he published one edition, the advances in the science necessitate a further edition In just a couple of decades of abeyance from the heavens, so much has changed The Hubble Space Telescope, who s pictures are generously included in this book, has made huge inroads into the wonde The sky at night and all it s envir
We are just a speck of time and dust combined together by forces of subatomic energy and the gravitational forces People are intelligent enough to undersatb the vastness, eternity and coldness of the Universe they come from
So unfortunately I didn t finish it all, but it was pretty good It wasn t the best nonfiction book I ve read, but it was very informative. A bit outdated, but who cares This is chock full of great info, here, and some really fantastic illustrations and photographs. A collectors item, one of the great storytellers, who tells a unique kind of story.

[PDF] Atlas of the Universe  By Patrick Moore –
  • Hardcover
  • Atlas of the Universe
  • Patrick Moore
  • English
  • 28 December 2019
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