The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution This Volume By Margaret C Jacob Explores The Scientific Revolution From Its Origins In The Early Sixteenth Century To Its Widespread Acceptance In Western Societies In The Late Eighteenth Century Jacob S Introduction Outlines The Trajectory Of The Scientific Revolution And Argues That The Revival Of Ancient Texts In The Renaissance And The Upheaval Of The Protestant Reformation Paved The Way For Science The Collected Documents Include Writings Of Well Known Scientists And Philosophers, Such As Nicolaus Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, And Isaac Newton, As Well As Primary Sources Documenting Innovations In Medicine And Engineering, Advances In Scientific Investigations, And The Popularization Of The Scientific Revolution Through Academies And Their Journals Document Headnotes, Questions For Consideration, A Chronology, And A Selected Bibliography Support Students Study Of The Scientific Revolution. In the introductory chapter to The Scientific Revolution A Brief History with Documents, Margaret C Jacob asserts that the Scientific Revolution must be seen as a product of the religious chaos that gripped Europe in the early modern period She is careful to hedge this claim with doubts that the birth of science as we know it may be attributed to any single cause, but her thesis is clear the sudden rupture with premodern natural philosophy must be understood as a consequence of the conflict which tore Christendom asunder in the century prior to the great scientists of the seventeenth century In advancing this thesis, she situates herself against three opposing views of the Scientific Revolution the first an accumulative account, the second a Great Man history, and the third an interrogation of whether the new science was in fact rational 3 This is all clear enough, and Jacob excels formally in situating herself in relation to the historical discourse Indeed, in the summary of the Scientific Revolution which makes up the bulk of her introduction, Jacob offers a great deal of supporting evidence for the role of religious conflict in the genesis of the new science
I had mistaken this book for something than it was It leads with a dull introductory essay with little of anything value and follows with an assortment of haphazard excerpts from 17th 18th century scientific writing.The excerpts are so short
This was an assigned reading for my Core Humanities the Modern World class.

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