Game and Playe of the Chesse

Game and Playe of the ChesseDespite Its Title, Caxton S Game And Playe Of The Chesse Does Not, In Fact, Have Much To Say About A Game Or About Playing It Instead, The Work Uses The Chessboard And Its Pieces To Allegorize A Political Community Whose Citizens Contribute To The Common Good Readers First Meet The King, Queen, Bishops Imagined As Judges , Knights, And Rooks, Here Depicted As The King S Emissaries They Are Then Introduced To The Eight Different Pawns, Who Represent Trades That Range From Farmers To Messengers Paired With Each Profession Is A List Of Moral Codes These Pairings Reinforce The Idea Of A Kingdom Organized Around Professional Ties And Associations, Ties That Are In Turn Regulated By Moral Law From The Introduction Caxton printed two editions of this book The second has woodcuts minor textual variants This is essentially a reprint of the second edition A very nicely made book with good critical apparatus, lacking only a pronunciation guide Chaucer and I have reached a compromise whereby I pronounce him however the hell I like but I do it the same all the time Caxton is Middle English but it s on the cusp, so nearly modern, I wasn t quite sure what I was doing In the end, this not being poetry, I just translated as I read.I can see why this was so popular at the time with its chatty style and excellent anecdotes I think it s also worth noting that at a time when books were only for the rich this book reinforces the feudal status quo Today its perhaps most interesting for the picture it paints of a society now gone It also has a reference to first sleep I lived without electricity for some months and can personally attest to this phenomenon I had been told it was record
I looooove this book The language is so riche, the ideas so olde, the intent so earnest and honestand besides, Caxton, as the first printer in the English language, is a rock star as far as I m concerned Made it through the multiple introductions on the Kindle edition That itself had interesting information.

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