A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs

A Nice Derangement of EpitaphsShed Here No Tears No Saint Could Die More Blessed And Comforted Than I So Read The Epitaph Composed By Morwenna Treverra Centuries Ago As She Followed Her Beloved Husband, Jan, Into Death The Couple Have Been Together Ever Since, Models Of Pious Content, In The Little Seaside Saxon Church Near The Villa Of Maymouth When Curious Scholars Arrange To Open Jan Treverra S Tomb, It Yields Not One Body But Twoand Neither One Of Them Is Jan Treverra.Detective Inspector George Felse Happens To Be On Holiday Nearby Indeed, He Helped To Open The Crypt And Reveal Its All Too Modern Contents Now, From An Ancient Grave, Mystery Unfolds A Trail Of Violence In Maymouth S History That Casts Shadows Centuries Long I do so love Ellis Peters I know she sold a gazillion Brother Cadfael books and so one really can t pity her, but I still think she is under appreciated Her contemporary mysteries are so good The writing is clean and lovely and sad Every book is a meditation on mortality They re about the awareness of moments, either miniature celebrations of life or tiny one act tragedies that maybe just play out on a person s face And maybe give away a murderer.And then there s this fullness and contentedness that comes with recognition The characters recognize what they know, what they re experiencing love or maturity or connectedness or disappointment or transition Maybe it s not realistic to write characters who are so aware of their place in life, but it is very joyful.And then there s a gentle underlying grief because mortality includes all those moments and the fact that they are finite.I thought perhap
Peters sends her sleuthing family the Felses into Cornwall on vacation and right into the thick of an interesting group of characters and their problems You may recall that after Felse 2, I was concerned about the Felse Family Investigations becoming formulaic Felse 3 broke that mold and 4 has smashed it to smitherines Not only is the setting new, but the characters, new friends all, and also this tale is structured tightly to a long weekend timeline of Wednesday through Monday Peters ability to write substance into every scene, string us along with copious information along with clues, all the while withholding the solution to the puzzle, is admirable Peters own character also comes through as she deals in this edition as others with passion and crime in a manner appropriate for all ages This threw shadow on my last journey to Cornwall in the words of Rosamunde Pilcher s The Shell Seekers, which I completed prior to this Felse binge The Shell Seekers ended with a conviction that while it was memorable,
Read this the night I had to stay up all night in the San Francisco airport She s a good writer with a good storyline and good characters It s a comfortable mystery. One of the best book titles ever My first of this mystery series and I call it OK Not as good as the Peter Wimsey or the touchstones of the genre, but has its moments The best element is the puzzle, with twists The weaker spots were the atmosphere, clear relationships between characters, and a blandness of Felse in this novel at least The character Simon
This was a surprise to me, a book sale find that is much different from the Brother Cadfael series, and I enjoyed it thoroughly D.I George Felse is the focus of the series, although here, on holiday at the seashore with his wife and 18 year old son, he plays a peripheral role A tomb is about to opened to solve a centuries old family
I love this book.I just re read it for at least the fourth time I ve lost count And yet I felt tears of joy well up at the triumphant end.Edith Pargeter, the real name of Ellis Peters, was a mystery writing genius of the first order Very few are the authors who can create a whodunit that a reader might want to re visit so often and with such pleasure C
I think I like each Felse mystery than the last We see Dom grow, but his involvement with the mysteries ebbs and flows The stories themselves are really engaging and I always want to know who dunnit Motives tend to be fairly straightforward, but this i
Few authors can tell a story or turn a phrase as well as Ms Peters Even the descriptive phrases, which might seem trite or overdone with other authors are a joy to read The characters are strong, the plot well done. Also published as A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs, Inspector Felse 4 Vacation trip to Cornwall the Felses are roped into the investigation of several murders A cave enlarged by smugglers blocked off by the tide, grave robbing, hiding murdered bodies in tombs.